Now that you have decided to buy a baby carrier , you realize the wide variety of brands, models and even types of baby carriers that exist on the market. Your head is a mess and you no longer know what they are telling you about the position of the frog , whether ergonomics here and there, whether breathable fabric, etc, etc…

Don’t worry! I also went through that phase and discovered a new world that I did not know and that I was passionate about. Therefore, I will help you in the decision process, giving you clear and concise information on the most important points when choosing your new baby carrier. I guarantee that when you finish reading this guide you will be very clear about what type of baby carrier you need and you will know which is the best baby carrier that suits you and your little one.


Who will use it?

First of all, we need to think about who will use the baby carrier. Whether it will be you or it will be you and your partner (or grandma, or anyone else). If it’s just for you, you can focus the search on your comfort , and on the characteristics of your baby . Take into account the width and padding of the shoulder straps, as well as the back and waist straps. They must be designed to equally distribute the baby’s weight, avoiding injuries and fatigue.

If it is going to be used by several people, you should take into account the ease of adapting the baby carrier to different sizes. Take a good look at the ease of adjustment of its straps, whether by means of velcro, buckles or other systems. 

 And don’t forget the color! If only one person is going to use it, think of a color that is unisex or that everyone who is going to use it likes.

Will you need to put it on your own?

With a little practice, you’ll be able to put on your baby carrier yourself, but there are some that take more skill than others. I recommend that you choose one that is easy to use from the beginning . Ideally, they are designed to be placed with one hand, and even designed to be able to put your baby in the backpack while he sleeps, without waking him up. Our time is very valuable and even more so in the first months of our baby

How will you use it?

Think about when, where and how often you will use your new baby carrier. Will it be for long walks or to go shopping? Will you need to store other items in your carrier? Planning to breastfeed your baby from the carrier?

If you want to go shopping with your baby carrier, look for one that isn’t too bulky and is easy to store. Also take into account the weather where you live, some baby carriers can be too hot for certain areas. In these cases look for noble and light fabrics. It is important that you also notice that it is easy to clean. Children inevitably get dirty, and it will be very helpful to have a baby carrier that you can put in the washing machine.

Since when do you plan to use your baby carrier and for how long?

Once you are clear about the previous points, this question is the decisive one to choose the type of baby carrier you need. Do you intend to use it from the birth of your baby? (you can take him out of the hospital in it, if you wish). Or on the contrary, do you prefer to wait a few months for your child to hold his head?

Likewise, it is important to assess how long you want to use your baby carrier. If we only want it for the earliest period of the baby, we can opt for backpacks like the Koala , which are focused on the newborn. They are designed to practice “skin to skin” until at least 8 months.

From there, if we want to continue carrying, we should think about acquiring a backpack like the Boba , for example. More padded and designed for larger babies.

If your intention is to carry from newborn and that it lasts a long time (up to 20 kg!!), I can only recommend the one that I have used the most and the one that I can give the best references for: the Ergobaby evolutionary backpack .


Evolutionary baby carriers

These backpacks allow us to carry our baby from birth to 3 years . If what we are looking for is a baby carrier that will last as long as possible, that is ergonomic and practical, this option is the most recommended. These types of backpacks adapt to the growth of your little one, without the need for adapters or other accessories.

As I have previously indicated, the Ergobaby Adapt is a great option if you are looking for a baby carrier to use from birth to beyond 3 years. Its ability to adapt the backpack seat to the size of the baby makes it one of the most interesting options on the market. If we add to this its lightness, breathability, ease of use and comfort, we are facing a great investment.

Another very interesting option is the Keababies , which, made of organic cotton, are soft, fresh and very adaptable baby carriers, which will last us the entire time of carrying our baby.

Finally, if you are looking for a cheap baby carrier, but one that offers you a long lifespan, the Infantino flip advanced Carrier is a good option. It does not have the quality of finishes that other brands offer, but for a few euros you will have a light, fresh backpack that respects the ergonomics of your baby.

Baby carrier for newborns

Not all are suitable for all ages. For the little ones, we recommend front backpacks, or baby carriers such as a scarf or shoulder strap. We must check the weight range allowed in each case to use the baby carrier safely.

When we think of newborn babies, it is important to pay special attention to the materials with which our baby carrier is made. Noble fabrics are the most recommended in these cases. Your baby’s delicate skin will thank you.

A baby less than 4 months old cannot yet hold his head up on his own and requires our constant attention. A baby carrier allows us to solve this point and at the same time maintain direct contact with our baby, favoring the bond between mother (or father) and child.

An important thing to know is that all babies are born with bowed legs (frog position or M-position), due to their position in the womb. Therefore, it is much more comfortable for them to maintain this position, as well as being harmful to maintain them in a position that is not natural for a newborn. This is one of the reasons I recommend that you choose a baby carrier that is ergonomic.

For the first few months, wraps are highly recommended, paying special attention to those that are elastic due to their ease of use and ability to distribute the weight across the shoulders, back and hips.

For the little ones, I recommend the keybabies baby wrap carrier , as they are made of elastic wrap fabric and adapt perfectly to the baby and its carrier. They are very easy to adjust (just like putting on a t-shirt). They are adaptable, comfortable, they provide softness to our baby and we avoid having to learn the necessary knots for these fabrics.

Another brand that I recommend for your newborn is Inflantino. They give us ergonomics, ease of placement and lightness. In particular, the Breeze range , for its lightness and touch (they are made up of a large percentage of linen).

The only downside to these carriers is that they will outgrow very quickly, but if you’re looking for something that will last you through the first 6-8 months, go for a Boba strectchable baby wrap.

Baby carrier for children 6 months and up

With 6 months, our baby will already be able to control his head and some will already be able to stay seated. This gives us a greater range of baby carriers to choose from. We must take into account the use that we are going to give it to opt for one or the other. We have:

– Ergonomic backpacks . They are the most practical and easy to use option. We do not need to learn any knotting technique, quilting offers us a lot of comfort and we have a huge variety on the market.          

As you know, I especially recommend the Ergobaby brand . It is a brand that when I started using it was not yet well known, but it has made a deserved niche in the market. They have a wide range to choose from.

My go-to carrier to this day is the Ergobaby 360 . I love its ease of use, the quality of the materials and I am sure that my baby has the correct posture at all times.

Others that I definitely recommend are  Boba backpack . It is a high-quality baby carrier, with a very long period of use, comfortable, easy to use and more than meet the ergonomic requirements.

The scarves that most convince me are the acrabos , and of course the Boba Wrap.


Ergonomics is a very important factor when choosing our baby carrier, as this will make the difference between a product that offers us the expected safety and comfort . It is important to take into account several aspects, as there are certain brands that can mislead us.

First of all we must observe the position of the child in his carrier. It should not be left hanging supporting its weight on its genitals and pelvis, as it is detrimental to its development and safety. The correct position is known as “M” or “frog” , where the knees are slightly higher than the bottom of our baby. When we force the baby’s spine into an unnatural position using a non-ergonomic baby carrier, the pressure on the lower back can be unbearable for your baby. That is why it happens that they do not want to be in certain (non-ergonomic) baby carriers for a long time, and parents who do not know this point blame it on the fact that they simply do not like being there. Try an ergonomic baby carrierand your baby will be delighted with the closeness and warmth that it brings.

Secondly, in the first months of the baby, it is recommended that it be oriented towards the carrier, that is, chest to chest. In this way we will preserve the natural curvature of his spine and favor mother (or father)-child contact, giving the child security and protecting him from over-stimulation.

Finally, ergonomics is also oriented towards the person who carries it. A good baby carrier distributes the weight in a balanced way between shoulders, back and hips. And it gives the feeling of hugging the baby, not carrying him.

Baby carriers with specific needs

Final thoughts: Which is the best carrier for my baby?

It is clear that if you are reading all this it is because you want to buy the best baby carrier for your little one. And the truth is that it is difficult to give a universal answer to this question, since it depends on many individual circumstances that must be assessed as a whole. However, so far I have not tried any better than the Ergobaby Omni backpack . So if a friend asked me tomorrow to recommend just one ergonomic backpack, that would be my answer.

 Its characteristics speak for themselves: the possibility of using it from the birth of the baby without an adapter cushion, it will last us beyond 3 years , very simple adjustments, totally ergonomic , high-quality machine-washable materials, it allows various carrying positions and a Endless more benefits.

However, as not all baby carriers are suitable for all babies and all situations, I invite you to take a look at the section on our website where we break down the best baby carriers, separated by various characteristics.