Moby and Solly are some of the best baby wraps nowadays, and individually of them has thousands of fanatics among parents who wear babies. If you’ve narrowed your choices down to these two options, you’ve done a pretty good job! Now let’s find out which scarf will suit your baby best.

In general, babywearing has many advantages, and with wraps, you can also do it on the skin.

Many experts say wearing a baby wrapped in a sling helps reduce crying, soothes babies with colic and acid reflux, promotes bonding, gives baby a sense of security and, of course, gives mom (or dad) moments doing chores or having some much-needed “me time”.

The two baby carrier straps, which I am comparing here, are the best choices – they have been recognized as hiphealthy, which means that they are safe for the baby’s hips. Both allow the baby to be held in a position ergonomic M-shape and support the legs from knee to knee, allowing the hip joints to develop naturally. They both keep the baby’s back in a C-shape and do not force the baby to straighten their legs or back when their body is not ready for it.

But what about comfort? Which wrap: Solly or Moby, is the most comfortable for babies and children? Which is the most comfortable to wear and the easiest to tie?

Let’s start with a brief comparison: Solly Wrap vs Moby Wrap, then move on to more comprehensive reviews. I hope my article will assist you to choose the baby carrier that suits your needs.

Solly Baby Wrap vs Moby – Key Differences

These baby carriers are wrap style, which conveys you get a long piece of fabric that you have to tie around your body. But when we take a closer look at each model, we notice a few key differences. These may make you choose one over the other.

The main differences between the Solly and Moby wraps are as follows:


The Solly wrap is made of 100% Lenzing modal, which is soft and silky, light, and has enough stretch. You won’t find a more breathable wrap than Solly!

The Moby Wrap, on the other hand, is available in two types: the classic version is in 100% cotton, while the Evolution version is in 70% viscose and 30% cotton knit.

The cotton one is thicker and can overheat quite quickly. Viscose is lighter, more elastic, and allows air to circulate through the fabric. But it’s not breathable like a Solly wrap.

Plus, parents who’ve tried both wraps tell the wrapping process with Solly is more comfortable because the fabric is stretchier and softer.


Solly is 5.5 meters long, while Moby is 5.5 meters long. You can also order a longer version of the Moby is 6 meters long. According to previous buyers, Solly Wrap is long enough to fit plus-size moms.

As the Moby Wrap is even longer, taller parents with larger chests will have no problem fitting it. However, for a smaller person, Solly may be a better choice (less material around your body). For a chubby person prone to sweating or overheating, Solly is even more beautiful because it is more breathable.

Carrying positions

With Solly, you can carry your baby on your chest, facing inwards. With Moby, you have two positions: inside front and on the hip.

Weight limit

Moby can be used for a child up to 33 lbs, Solly up to 25 lbs. For me, 25 pounds is enough because with heavier babies I always prefer to use a soft textured carrier. But if you want to use a sling for an older baby or even a small child, the maximum weight capacity of 33 pounds may give you a little extra time to use Moby.

The price of

Moby is a little cheaper. Solly has higher prices due to more advanced and airy materials.

Solly Baby Wrap Review

This is a unique wrap. As I said above, it is made from Lenzing modal which comes from the pulp of Austrian beech trees. This fabric has fantastic properties: it is thin but very resistant and maintains, it is light, breathable, and wicks away moisture. This way, it doesn’t make you sweat and get hot while you carry the baby, and it doesn’t overheat your baby.

Most parents who have tried Solly agree that it works like magic on summer walks and is the best baby carrier to use all year round.

Plus, this baby wrap is stretchy and soft like silk, so it’s easier to put on and wrap around than these other headbands.

Sure, there’s a learning curve, but many parents say they get used to it after a few tries. Solly also offers helpful video tutorials that make the whole process easier.

With this elastic, you have two strips of fabric crossed in the back and one or two layers of fabric around the waist. It helps distribute the baby’s weight evenly across the upper body without straining the neck, shoulders, or pelvic area.

I’ve read dozens of reviews of kids wearing it saying it’s possible to wear a kid in the Solly for longer periods because it’s so comfortable and doesn’t cause back pain. Babies feel light!

Another benefit is that this wrap doubles as a nursing cover, giving you more privacy when breastfeeding on the go.

This baby sling is machine washable and folds perfectly. If you’re wondering if it fits in your diaper bag, I have good news for you: it fits most mommy bags.

Solly Baby wrap is available in dozens of beautiful colors and patterns. Some are neutral, but some designs might suit a little girl or boy better.

Reasons to buy Solly Baby Wrap:

  • The most breathable elastic wraps ever: no sweat, no overheating.
  • Perfect for year-round use, including hot summers (and hot, humid climates).
  • Super soft and cozy fabric – gentle on baby’s skin.
  • Provides a safe and welcoming place for naps.
  • Cozier to tie than other wraps.
  • Comfortable for the wearer: it does not tire the back.
  • It fits different body types and shapes, whether you’re a short or chubby parent.

Moby Wrap Review

There are two versions to choose from Classic – in cotton and Evolution – in viscose and cotton blend.

If you prefer an elastic wrap, Moby Wrap Evolution would be a better option. Although not as soft or stretchy as Solly Baby, it is stretchier than the cotton version which makes it easier to wrap.

According to some parents, Moby Cotton is a bit stiff and can be difficult to tie, especially until you get a good grip. Moreover, there are also complaints that it is too hot for the hot season.

I find Moby best for mild or cold climates. It is also recommended to wear only a thin layer (like a breathable shirt) if you plan to wear your baby in Moby.

Also, the Classic Moby may be a better choice if you don’t want the carrier to be too stretchy.

Once you have mastered the knotting technique, this carrier will be comfortable to use. Just like Solly Baby, it has cross straps across the wearer’s back and distributes the baby’s weight all over the body, so it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

The Moby baby carrier is suitable for 8 to 33 lbs. It is generally more comfortable to wear until around 12 months. Interestingly, with this wrap, you can carry your baby on the hip. The hip carry position is not suitable for newborns, but you can start practicing once your baby has good neck and head control.

The important Moby is very long. The standard version has 6 meters, but you can also order a special longer version (6.5 meters). For a short and little person, it could be less comfortable to wear because there will be more layers of the fabric which means hotter and sweat.

However, if you’re tall and wear a size larger than 22, you don’t have to worry about whether it will fit you or not. IT WILL BE! Moby is one of the biggest bands, perfect for older kids.

The Moby baby carrier is available in a variety of styles. My two favorite designs for the Classic model are Terrazzo and Flanerie a Salvador. From the Evolution collection, I like the fashion called Starry Nights of Salvador.

Reasons to buy Moby Wraps:

  • This is a more compact option.
  • Cotton is a good choice for cold climates.
  • The longer fabric makes it appropriate for women wearing sizes 22 and up.
  • Provides additional hip carry position.
  • Evenly distributes the child’s weight and does not cause back or shoulder pain.
  • It has a higher weight limit, so it should last around 12 months.