Does your work get pending because your toddler has stopped playing with the old toys and now continuously seeks your attention?

Have you been looking for something that your baby will be engaged with that will not only be fun but safe too?

So here’s the perfect solution to your problem- Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper,

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper is a world of activities in a space-saving design that offers maximum entertainment to the baby. It is not only a source of entertainment for the babies but also a learning experience. An Einstein jumper usually has hanging toys on the top bars, keys to play music with, in the front, etc. With so many activities, it keeps the baby entertained for several hours and the baby would always like to jump sit in this amazing jumper and have his own great time.

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper is a pretty well-constructed playtime filled with adventure-themed exploration and enriching content for toddlers. The jumper features music from around the world, instrument sounds, and phrases in three languages- English, French, and Spanish.

Baby Einstein jumper has been designed as the standing jumper to easily adjust the height positions to keep it just the right size for the baby as those little legs begin to get longer. The seat of the jumper rotates 360 degrees for the baby to explore all the toys on the loops around him. The compact design of the jumper assembles in minutes and easily moves from room to room without any hassle.

Features of Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

  • High Back Seat

The baby feels the need to be free from boundaries all the time so that they can move, jump and run from one place to another. The main function of the jumper is to allow the baby to freely jump up and down.

The high back design incorporated in this einstein jumper, offers maximum comfort and safety, especially if you have a young baby who is in the process of learning to sit up. It also allows the infant to comfortably jump without the risk of any injury. To keep the seat clean, it can be washed in a machine or with hands, that is to say, it is quite easy to clean.

  • Free Rotating Seat

The seat of the jumper is enabled to rotate 360 degrees in addition to being high off the ground. It encourages movement and allows the baby to swivel and access the activity stations in the jumper. This feature also enhances the locomotion and motor skills of the baby.

  • Point Adjustable Seat

As a natural human being characteristic, a child is bound to grow with time and a toddler is said to grow faster than an elder human being. So considering the facts, the manufacturer incorporated a seat adjustment feature to the jumper. 

Now parents need not worry about their baby outgrowing the jumper as its height can be adjusted to match the child’s growth. This not only increases the device’s life but also saves the parents a lot of money that would have been spent on replacements.

  • Activity Stations

To keep the baby busy and occupied, the jumper comes with four mounted activity stations surrounding the baby. This gives the parents ample time to carry out more pressing activities as the baby is engaged in playing with toys. These activity plates are detachable, hence making them easier to clean and also giving parents the freedom to arrange them in their desired order.

  • Diversity in Games

As a complement to the activity station, the jumper includes a total of 12 activities. With so many options of games, the chances of baby getting bored come down to nil. This feature also improves the toddler’s intellectual level.

  • Electric Piano

Usually, the toddler’s favourite activity is to listen to melodies and laugh with them. The jumper comes with an electric piano that plays soothing as well as exciting melodies. It comes in different colours and shapes in Spanish, English, and French. It has an inbuilt volume control system with six classical melodies and three play modes, a mirror, and dancing lights. The musical lights take care of the baby’s vision and its development.

  • Rattle ball

The large size of the rattle ball is eye-catching with real-life imagery and beads. The balls help improve the toddler’s hand control as well as eyesight development.

  • Sun Teether stalk

The teething process of an infant is a nightmare to their parents for the infant cries endlessly as the milk teeth grow.

However, this jumper has clackers as well as a cloud stalk feature. The bird filled with water mitigates the discomfort as the child is distracted from the pain while playing it. This should be refrigerated to soothe the baby’s gums.

  • Toy Tray

It is believed that the more a toddler plays, the more he grows- mentally and physically. So with this in mind, the jumper has been designed to cater to the baby’s well-being by attaching to it a toy tray within which toys can be placed. The tray comes with loops that allow for the attachment of toys. The toy tray also has an additional four links that allow you to attach other toys to it. There are more extension loops to captivate more toys and accessories that the toddler likes. The toys are padded and covered springs.

  • Battery Powered

The jumper works on three AAA-sized dry cells, rather than electricity, which is preferred by most customers due to safety purposes. The battery is enough to suffice its use.

Pros and Cons Of Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper


  • The jumper can be easily folded and stored. It is portable too.
  • The jumper encourages activity that would aid in the development of the child both physically and mentally.
  • It comes with a variety of languages that is its stand-out feature and which is unrivaled by any product in this category.
  • The seat of the jumper is supportive of the kid’s back and is padded.
  • The jumper has a foot holder that provides a non-skid feature so that the toddler does not slip or trip while playing.
  • The jumper can easily be packed and unpacked without any hassle.
  • The jumper can be carried with you on the go if you want to use it in other areas where the baby might need a little stimulation.
  • One good thing about the jumper is that the activity stations can be effortlessly removed for a quick and thorough clean-up.
  • The pricing of the Baby Einstein Jumper is not exactly modest, but it isn’t expensive either. It is shipped in fully enclosed packaging.
  • The jumper weighs the heaviest in the market but can be easily disassembled so can be easily carried.


  • The springs of the jumper are not very flexible.
  • . The toy attachments may injure the baby if not handled with care.
  • The seat is not too comfortable. It is wide and a bit shallow which makes the baby uncomfortable.
  • The holes for the legs are positioned very weirdly – they are located more toward the front seat. This way the baby is tilted forward way too much.
  • The toys hang high so sometimes they are out of the reach of the baby.


From the day a child is born till he starts to go to school, parents constantly worry about the child’s growth and well-being as he cannot take care of himself. It involves thinking of what to make him eat, ho dress, what kind of toys to get, etc.

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper solves this major problem of the parents by providing an all-in-one material tool that would aid in the development of the child both physically and mentally. It is equipped with remarkable features that guarantee perpetual satisfaction for you and your beloved munchkin.

When a child reaches a certain age where he starts to stand up, the jumper helps in enhancing the budding motor skills and coordination.

So with all these impressive features, the Baby Einstein Jumper ensures fun as well as improvement in a child’s psychomotor skills.