Ring slings are versatile, adjustable and multi-position baby carriers, but how do I choose the most comfortable ring sling for carrying my baby?

The ring shoulder strap is a baby carrier designed for ergonomic carrying . It is made up of a fabric rectangle and two stainless steel rings. One of its main characteristics is its versatility , it allows it to be used in various positions: in cradle mode to breastfeed or give the bottle (always ensuring that the airways remain free and for the main moment of breastfeeding), and the baby can also be placed in chest, back, or hip.

It is the ideal complementary baby carrier for any stage as it is suitable from birth to 12-15 kilos. In fact, it is one of the methods that best adapts and adjusts to the body of baby and wearer . Its system consists of adapting the fabric to the baby’s body to give perfect support and ergonomic carrying regardless of the baby’s age, weight and size. Also one size fits all. 

Ring slings are comfortable lightweight, easy to use, and can easily be packed into a bag. However, there is occasionally a learning curve! Don’t give up if your ring sling is unpleasant or doesn’t feel secure enough. You’ll fall in love with your sling after a little practise and some ring sling troubleshooting!

Do ring slings hurt back?

Keep in mind that it is an asymmetrical carry , which means that the weight is not distributed equally throughout the back, but falls on one of the shoulders, and unevenly on the back, hence it is indicated for limited periods of time and it is recommended to alternate the side. That is why we consider it a complementary baby carrier to other carrying systems such as the the wrap , or the Backpack , all of which distribute the weight over both shoulders and the entire back.

First of all, make sure you remove watches, bracelets, rings… They can increase pressure and make blood flow even more difficult, already reduced by the injury.

How to make a ring sling more comfortable?

When to use the shoulder ring sling?

The shoulder ring sling is a very practical and quick to put on baby carrier . It is the  most used baby carrier to carry the baby to the side, that is, on the hip. This position allows you to get on and off easily and is ideal when the little ones are already walking but still tire easily and ask for arms; This position offers a greater field of vision to the little ones, which is ideal to satisfy their curiosity and exploration phase.

It is a light baby carrier, easy and convenient to store as it barely takes up space or weighs. When buying a baby carrier, choose the shoulder bag that best suits your interests and your baby and discover all the physical and emotional benefits of carrying your baby, even skin-to-skin.

Positions and weight recommendations for using the Ring Slings

The shoulder bag can be used at the front, at the hip and at the back , to use it with children 2 or 3 years old I recommend using it at the hip to help you distribute the weight between one shoulder and hip, also on the back, of course , always practicing and taking safety measures, most manufacturers recommend a weight limit between 15 and 20 kilos.

Although it is a baby carrier that can be used during the entire stage of carrying, it is necessary to have the strength in the shoulder that is going to receive the weight, this can only be acquired with practice, I will give you an example, if a mother carries your 10 kilo baby for the first time in a shoulder bag after a while will surely feel the weight on your shoulder, however, a mother who carried her baby since she was 3 kilos of weight will undoubtedly gain the necessary strength to easily carry the baby when he has 10 kilos.

Quality and care recommendations for baby sling wraps

When purchasing a shoulder sling wraps we can review the following points:

  • That it has instructions for use and security measures.
  • The rings must be “one piece” that is, without joints, without welding, without edges, since the work of the rings is to facilitate the adjustment by pulling and loosening the fabric between them, in addition to the fact that the rings secure the fabric by preventing that it runs by itself and we have an accident with our baby, that is why having a shoulder strap with attached rings can tear the fabric through constant use, or they can begin to separate at their union and in those cases it is no longer safe to use.
  • The material of the rings should preferably be aluminum , but there are also other materials such as nylon, it should be noted that this type of rings are made especially for portering and always have an alphanumeric code which is issued by the manufacturer to ensure its authenticity.
  • Although the shoulder straps are very resistant , they also need the care that is taken with any baby carrier, such as keeping it away from heat sources, avoiding bumps in the rings and tears in the fabric.

Which ring sling carrier to choose for each moment?

The mesh shoulder sling is a cool baby carrier perfect for use in the hottest months of the year . The mesh-shaped fabric, is very light, easy to adjust and prevents sweating; the secret is its composition: 95% cotton 5% elastic. It is recommended from birth to approximately 2 years old. 

There are baby carriers that best suits certain situations.

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