You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for something like a hip seat carrier which evenly distributes your baby’s weight and relieves pressure on your shoulders. I spent several days researching the makes and models that will be available in 2022.

If you’re in a hurry and want to know what we think is the finest baby hip carriers , go with the Sunveno Carrier, which enables the baby to rest in a comfortable M-position, unlike many other carriers, which put pressure and stress on the baby’s delicate hips. If users want to get straight to the review, click here.

What are the benefits of using hip seat carriers?

Hip seat carriers are customised baby carriers that distribute your kid’s weight evenly around your waist. A removable cushion that may be fitted into the carrier by parents wishing to lessen the strain of wearing a child or a big baby is available from a variety of companies. The baby’s weight is spread all around the waist using a hip seat sling, making the bottom less heavy and relieving pressure on the shoulders.

What to Look for in a Hip Seat Carrier

To check the feasibility of a hip chair baby carrier, consider the following factors:

Carry Posture: A seat with such a wide, padded belt might help distribute the baby’s weight more evenly. The broad waistband and padding evenly distribute weight from across the back and pelvic region, lowering the risk of back strain. Choose a hip chair carrier for your kid that will allow him or her to sit in a proper position.

Comfort: Discomfort, especially if you’re carrying a child, can be excruciating. Check the quality of a hip seat carrier you want to buy and ensure the design & padding will provide you with a comfortable babywearing experience.

Weight of the Carrier: I strongly advise using carriers that do not add a considerable amount of weight to the carriage. The ideal and suggested weight range is 0.5–1.0 pound, but carriers can weigh up to 2 pounds. You should keep in mind that the carrying weight is an additional load you’ll have to carry all the time.

Cost: No matter what your budget is, choose comfortable and safe carriers which you can afford.

Advantages of Hip Seat Carriers

  1. Encourages bonding – Your shoulders are so near together in the hips seat when you’re carrying your kid, and you can converse at eye level. This gives you the opportunity to form a personal bond to the child.
  2. Whenever the baby sits on the wide chair, the spine is stabilised, and the hips are naturally spread out, facilitating normal hip growth.
  3. Helps to evenly spread your baby’s weight across your lower torso – Your child’s weight would be distributed on both waist and hip when you use a hip seat. To appropriately distribute the weight, you can also shift your baby here between left and right sides.
  4. Hip seat is versatile in that it allows you to hold your child in a variety of positions depending on their age. (With the hip seat removed, this is an outward-facing, inward-facing, feeding posture.)
  5. They are meant to grow with your kid – Hip seats can be used from the moment the kid is 4 months old till they are 3 years old, depending on the manufacturer.
  6. They are quite practical — Hips chairs are lightweight and feature numerous compartments for stowing your belongings while on the go. You may also take your kid everywhere with them because they don’t have a significant footprint.
  7. Users might carry the baby in one’s arms for longer periods of time without straining your arms or back — A hip seat transfers the weight of their child off your hips to the seat, allowing you to wear your baby for longer periods of time without tiring the arms or back.

Best Hip Carriers for Toddlers in 2022

360° Ergobaby baby hip seat carrier wrap

This carrier is an all-position carrier that includes hip and waist carrying. I like it best because it allows your baby to be seated in an ergonomic “M” shape with knees even to or above hips and spine in a curved “C” position. This carrier, like Sunveno, has cushioned lumbar extra padding and shoulder straps for comfort. The Hip Dysplasia Center has approved this carrier as a safe and chest carrier.

Over 500 consumers have given Ergobaby 360 4.6/5 stars, indicating that it is a great carrier. It is intended to assist your infant from the age of four months to the age of 36 months. It can also sustain your infant weighing between 12 and 33 pounds.

Waist Stool for Baby Hip Seats Carrier

In 2022, the Baby hipseat carrier waistline stool is the third-best hips sling with a waist stool. This hip seat sling has received 4.5/5 ratings from over 200 customers and is presently the 9th finest soft baby carrier, as illustrated in the image below.

SUNVENO- 6 in 1 Safety Infant Newborn Hip Seat for Home, Outdoor, Travel

Sunveno baby hip seat carrier is the market’s 4th highest baby hip seat carrier. This is a 3-in-1 sling that may be used from 6 to 2 years. You’ll also like its ergonomically designed, which has a 30-degree slope that allows your baby to sit inside a natural M-position, reducing strain and pain on delicate infant hips.

It also boasts an x-cross shoulder sling design that reduces tension on your shoulders and abdomen. This hip carrier also has extra-padded straps and is constructed of comfortable and breathable materials. It is manufactured by a corporation located in the United States that has been in business for 13 years.

This carrier with shoulder seats is rated high on Amazon, with 1300+ customers giving it a 4.6/5 rating. It’s currently among Amazon’s top 100 finest soft baby carriers.

Tushbaby – Safety-Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Tushbaby is our pick for the best baby hip chair carrier on the market right now. This top regarded 4.5/5 by 160 Amazon customers is available for less than $80. It is presently number 23 on the list of the top 100 greatest soft baby carriers.