Are you looking for the best wooden walker with brakes for babies? Yes, wooden baby walkers are sturdy than plastic ones, so you can always get one with braking function that can prevent your kid from sudden falls and mishaps. The toxic-free best wooden baby walkers are a great choice if you are looking for eco-friendly wooden walk behind push toys or carts for babies learning to walk.

Once your baby starts feeling uncomfortable in swings and automatic bouncers and tries to escape, that’s the time you need to look for more innvotive and exploring toy such as walker.

Are there taller walkers for babies made of wood? Plastic walkers like Joovy spoon comes with Integrated brakes at the rear end of the wheels and can be used as a high chair, easily converted to stationary activity entertainer!

Just like a vibrating baby monitor for deaf parents becomes an important component for alerting them for their child cries, so is a wooden baby walker a need to keep your baby out from all toxics and choking chemicals.

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Baby walkers are must-have push toys for kids in the playroom. It is a toy that grows with your kid and when siblings join the family, these wooden push toys with cart will show up in the front.

Mom’s favourite baby walkers like joovy spoon have rubber wheels attached to them for providing good grip on slippery floors like hardwood.

If you are looking for an Eco-Friendly wooden baby walker devoid of any chemical paints for your baby then you are at the right place. I am going to help you pick the best wooden walker for babies.

Baby wooden walkers come with built-in features, for example, games, whistles, and other extras like a dinner tray. Most significant of all is safety features that ensure your kid’s security.

Looking for the best baby walkers?

What are wooden baby walkers? Are they worth buying?

Wooden baby walkers are worth highlighting because they are stable and of good quality, it is difficult for them to deteriorate easily over time. Another feature is that they have games and designs that open the way to the imagination making it the best wooden walker for babies learning to walk.

First of all, the choice of material is striking: the baby walker is made of oiled beech wood, which gives the pleasantly “earthy” and very stable-looking model an elegant character.

This is exactly what the shape of the baby walker is based on, because it was inspired by nature. Round and curved, that stimulates the imagination and also protects against unintentional “angular” bumps.

Natural oils, waxes and colored glazes are used to treat the surface of the wooden toy, which means that it retains its properties and feels particularly handy and authentic.

In our journey to help you with your shopping experience, we have reviewed the products, jotted down the advantages and disadvantages. This article will you get the best of the best wooden baby walker.

Do not forget to take a look at the buying advice, so you know what to take into account for better performance.­­­­­­­­­­

Top listed wooden baby walker in 2021[ Latest reviews]

How to choose the best Eco-Friendly Wooden Walker For Babies?

The baby walker made of wood is a perfect choice to help little ones on the stage when they begin to take their first steps

It is a decisive moment and although some children take longer than others to start walking, the truth is that sooner or later they stop crawling to begin to discover the world that surrounds them standing up.

To provide them with support so that they do not constantly fall to the ground, they can use both wooden and plastic walkers since both are very resistant and durable.

Advantages of playing with a Eco-Friendly Wooden Walker

One of the main advantages of playing with a wooden walker is that it is a very durable and timeless product . 

The wooden walker can be passed from one brother to another without problem because its design and characteristics make it perfect to be used again and again, it never goes out of style!

Wooden walkers are very stable since they have a solid structure that provides security in any movement and turn, so one of the advantages of playing with this type of push toy is that it allows the baby to gain confidence in itself and learn to guide your movements without risk of falls.

With the use of wooden walkers, motor skills are also improved and balance control is favored.

The designs used in the wooden push-along walkers are very popular due to the stability they bring to the little one during their movements.

In addition, they have games and activities centers that include puzzles, rattles, xylophones, abacuses, rotating mirrors, number frames. In this way, it not only favors motor skills but also creativity.

If you need a stationary entertainment for your kid, then get the best jumper activity center for kids.

On the other hand, when you look for wooden walkers you will see that there are some designs in the shape of a cart in which the child can carry other toys from one place to another. 

They include a handle and four wheels to give it greater stability. Like the previous ones, they can include other games inside such as puzzles with wooden pieces. Discover them!

Best Wooden baby walker (Latest reviews) [2022]

  1. cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker
  2. BRIO wooden push along walker
  3. Hape Block and Roll Cart Toddler Wooden Pull and Push Toy
  4. The HABA wooden walker– Best wooden push toy
  5. Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Activity wooden Push Toy
  6. labebe Baby Walker, Kid Shopping Cart Walker, Push Toy
  7. Small Foot Wooden Toys Premium Pastel Wooden Baby Walker
  8. Little Balance Box 2-in-1: No Wheels Spring Feet – Traditional wooden walker
  9. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, Sit to Stand Toddler Toy, Wood Walker with brakes

Cossy Wooden Baby Wooden push cart

COSSY Wooden Baby Walker could be a wonderful gift for a one-year-old child. This wooden baby attracts parents and children with its attractive colors and features. Walker helps improve critical thinking and fine motor skills in children.

Your child who has just started walking will benefit greatly from this walker. It can be  pulled or pushed safely without putting scars on the ground. The comfortable handle prevents your youngster’s hands from slipping. Its wheels are made of rubber, thus ensuring the floor against scratches.

The sturdy wooden development guarantees a durable walker for long term use. The construction will not fade away at any point in the near future.

All parents know how difficult it is to get their children stay engaged throughout the day. With this walker, the child remain entertained while parents can concentrate on other jobs. The walker has a wide range of toys on three of its sides, including spinning tools, bead counting, blocks, and many other cool activities.

Bright colors.Few pieces that may not be appropriate for youngsters under 18 months of age.
Sturdy wooden construction.
Reasonable price.
Puzzles to improve critical thinking abilities.

BRIO wooden push along walker

This classic wooden walker stroller is specially designed for those kids who move around the house collecting things. Kids normally use this as a shopping cart to carry their playing toys. Both the handle and the brake can be adjusted as per need and comfort.

Brio wooden trolley is used as a shopping cart within the house carrying things from one room to another. Built with a sturdy metal handle and a wooden trolley, it is highly durable and safe for kids to use.

This baby wooden walker is designed to engage your little one and make those first steps quite exciting.

A feature that many parents love about Brio wooden walker is that it can change the resistance of the roller wheels. The rear wheel has screws that you can tighten or loosen to give the wheels more or less resistance. Thus, walking can “grow” with the child.

The design of these walkers also seems to be of top rank.

A common complaint is that the handle bolts tend to loosen. It is better to control them and adjust them when necessary.

Well built and sturdy.Difficulty in steering and the super light frame.
Adjustable handle and brake.Handle bolts often get losen.
Safe and durable.
No toxic paints and chemicals.
Best wooden baby waker cart.

Hape Block and Roll Cart Toddler Wooden Pull and Push Toy with blocks

Hape’s wooden walker will help kids make their initial footsteps real quick.

This wooden baby stroller walker is designed with a sturdy wooden frame to provide children with a secure and stable base to lean. The colored blocks are a great source of wooden first steps baby walkers with entertainment and fun.

Your kid will be busy all day solving the puzzle of this walker by placing the blocks so that each will fit in the basket in a single layer or stack them in different structures. Each movement involves coordination, balance, and physical strength.

The block puzzle improves problem solving and fine motor skills. It is made of wood taken from forests.  Parents give a lot of importance to Hape products. Hape products meet or exceed all safety guidelines needed to make a baby walker.

The most common complaint of this walker is its difficultly in turning. Being so stable makes its difficult for some children to lift the front wheel in order to turn the walker.

The use of non-toxic paints and the toys that come with the walker marks it in a high priority list. Its sturdiness makes it impossible for the walker to tip over, making it more popular among all other wooden walkers.

Improves fine motor skills.A bit unstable and moves fast for a pre-walker.
Inclusion of Fun puzzle.Not recommended for tall babies.
Best wood walker with non-toxic paints and chemicals.

The HABA wooden walkerBest wooden push toy

The HABA wooden walker can be the best wooden walker you’ve been searching for to engage your little ones of 10 months. With fun colors like green, blue and yellow wheels, it is satisfying to the eye and your kid would really love it and is toxic-free.

It helps your child to build up their physical and mental abilities from the age of 10 months. Most children love playing with kitchen utensils and furniture around as toys. These wooden walkers accompany heaps of wooden toys children will love to play with. For more inclusion, you have replica tools like the saw, wrench, and hammer to play with.

By pushing the wooden balls through the front openings, you can make some noise to pull in the your child’s attention. Once your kid starts involving himself with the walker and is busy playing, you can proceed with your other. An additional large washer is attached with the plastic bolt and screw. This guarantees that no metal part can hurt the child or add useless load to the walker.

The drawback I have found is that walker has no brakes. You simply need to watch out for your infant, since he may drive himself to dangerous areas like edge of the stairs. The manufacture says that there is a small screw attached to the front wheel that would create friction.

Sturdy and well made.A bit expensive.
Authentic replica tools.No brakes.
Lightweight and portable.The rubber around the wheels tend to come out.
Improves fine motor skills in kids.
Durable product.
Best wooden walker with wood material.

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Activity wooden Push Toy

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy is sturdy and colorful and is a great source of entertainment for kids who are just starting their initial steps. The three alligators located at the front are simply amazing. They chomp one by one when the walker starts moving. The cute butterflies and ladybugs at the handle give extra giggles. To avoid scratching hard floors when the walker moves, wheels are rubber-trimmed.

The handle can be easily grabbed and held so that your kid can easily go along on straight routes and on different directions.

Well, this walker does not move well on the carpet.  Due to its weight, it is best best wooden walker recommended for babies 12 months and above.

Colorful and attractive design.A little fast on the wood floor.
Moves well on all types of floors.Not meant for babies less than 12 months.
The sturdy design prevents tipping.

labebe Baby Walker, Kid Shopping Cart Walker, Push Toy

This baby walker has a large toy box that can be using as shopping cart. The babies play alone sitting on the floor.

When they get up, move your things from here to there. When your children are just starting to walk and you are accompanying them, they will be encouraged to walk more.

If they can walk safely, they can push this runner anywhere using only their favorite toys. Exclusively!

Your floor is protected from abrasion by a rubber ring. In addition, your child can easily control the walking speed thanks to the rubber ring.

A wide-supported walker can better help your child maintain their balance so that they feel more confident while learning. It can generally be used as a wooden stroller.

But please keep your child away from the stairs and the swimming pool.

A push walker is a better choice for helping babies stand up on their own than a seated walker. Babies can easily push and walk even on carpet floors without worrying about a sudden drop due to the block of the wheel. Since this is a toy box, you can adjust the baby’s weight according to his development and needs by putting something like a book in it.

The sturdy solid wood push toy can be easily assembled

The natural and colorful look blends well with any room. Convenient walking toy, push toy, a must have for kids toys.

Stable and sturdy design.Does not move well on hardwood floors.
Good quality and colors.
Works well on rug and carpet floors.
Space to store toys and use as shopping cart

Small Foot Wooden Toys Premium Pastel Wooden Baby Walker

This little wooden push toy 5-in-1 Complete Walker Playcentre features a premium natural design with an elegant pastel finish.

Designed by professionals to develop early learning and fine motor skills for young children, they will continue to be interested and develop their minds through playful problem solving.

High quality wood with rounded edges, painted with water-based paint, non-toxic and child-safe. This product is FSC certified to support environmental sustainability.

Rugged and durable construction Small foot wooden toys perform hundreds of safety tests each year to ensure that all products meet all safety standards.

This beautifully packaged wooden toy is perfect for birthday gifts and other holiday gifts.

Designed and suitable for babies from 12 months.

Cute And Sturdy.Assembling Takes Time.
Braking System Is Perfect.
Environmental Friendly Colors.

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Little Balance Box 2-in-1: No Wheels Spring Feet – Traditional wooden walker

Little balance box baby walker is one of the favorite traditional walkers for parents who are looking for a push and pull toy

Almost all of the modern walkers come with wheels and if you are looking for a traditional walker with no wheels this would be a perfect choice.

If you are a pare who hates typical walking toys with wheels because there is little resistance, so they shoot out from under the baby who’s trying to learn to walk.
Falling is part of learning, but repeated falls is annoying.

This table is brilliant! Once your kid starts pulling up to stand, this traditional baby walker will be a great supporting tool.

Works perfectly on the carpet, but to move on to hardwood floors, it does not offer much resistance unless your baby is well used to it.

This is a great walking traditional toy for kids to learn to walk and balance quickly.It’s good for parents looking for baby walker for small spaces as it has a compact and has a dual function of using as a toddler table.

Lightweight, compact, and ecofriendly.Less resistance on the hardwood.
Good toy for small spaces.
Babies can easily pull up to stand.
Easy to move.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, Sit to Stand Toddler Toy, Wooden Walker with brakes

Suitable for ages between 9 months and 2 years , the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon accompanies the little ones in their careful attempts to walk and stand.

The storage space in particular turns out to be a great advantage, because children simply like to transport their toys or dolls around the apartment as soon as they can walk a little more stable.

The Wooden Wagon has resistance clickers to allow beginners to build confidence and balance. The resistance clickers that act as a braking function prevents the product from moving too quickly.

Classic wooden toy with braking functionTurning for smaller babies is a bit difficult.
Made from high-quality wood.
Sturdy design with cart.

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How to select the best wooden walker for babies?- BUYING GUIDE

Ecofriendly Wooden walkers are very useful in the first years of your child’s life, therefore, if you want to know which is the best wooden walker you have to check that it has a guaranteed quality. 

This is normally reflected through the European Union CE mark proving that the product has passed high-quality standards and is safe for children’s use.

In order to choose a good wooden walker, you can also look at it is multifunctional. 

If, in addition to being a walker, it serves as a ride-on or toy storage, all the better! Likewise, many models also include fun games and designs to make it quickly become a baby’s favorite toy.

To know that it is a good walker, check that its structure is resistant, stable, and solid so that the child does not tip over at the first change. Wooden walkers that have a rectangular base with four wheels are quite stable and reduce the risk of falling, in addition, they have a handle so that the baby can hold on comfortably while walking.

Let me describe each part of the baby walker individually for better selection.

The wheels

Always keep in mind that this push toy will have a very intensive use, so if you want your floor not to be damaged, choose it with rubber or silicone wheels that do not damage the surface of the floor leaving scratches behind.

Wooden baby walkers have castor wheels rubber trimmed or wooden wheels. With the help of these wheels, your kid will have lot of fun and excitement pulling or pushing these baby walkers.


The branded wooden baby walkers have brakes on their wheels. Brakes are necessary if your child wishes to play with a stable baby walker.

Brakes ensure kid’s safety when you do not want baby walkers to leave their resting position. When purchasing wooden baby walkers, make sure your baby walker has rubber-trimmed wheels with brakes, as they are safe for your baby.

Walker dimensions

A wooden baby walker is labeled with various sizes with respect to different age groups. To pick the best walker suitable for your baby, you have to look for the age for which the child walker is intended to be used.

It shouldn’t be too small that it easily trips off and neither too large for your baby to move. Ideally, the walker dimensions for child who is 10 months of age are 20 x 20 x 10 inches. If the baby walker you just picked up follows these measurements, then it is safe for usage.

Parents who are a bit economic and plan to buy a larger walker so as to be used upto 3 years of age. Remember, the infant walker for a kid of 3 years wouldn’t be the most ideal decision for a new born child in their early stages. Thus, purchasing a larger than average infant walker thinking that you would have long term use is not a smart idea.

However, we suggest to get a more wider infant walker. The wider the walker, the more steady it would be.

Activity Panel

With the aim that the wooden walker becomes your kid’s favorite push toy and that the purchase is more than amortized, the walker is to include other games so that your kid is not just using it as a walking tool but can entertain herself with the activities it includes.

Development of fine motor skills, is one of the necessary feature added to wooden baby walkers. But at the same time, they can come with play panel which can be easily removed if not using. It has various tools like music box, abacus, etc.

Your child will love to roam around the house by using this as a shopping cart collecting toys, etc in the car. This pretend and play activities will help develop creativity and imagination within your kid.


It is very important that the structure of the product is as stable as possible. The idea is for the baby to stand upright and hold onto the walker to walk so it needs to be solid.

Check if your child walker is stable enough before you pay your cash.

Stable. What does that mean?

A wooden baby walker needs to be stable to avoid tripping when your kid tries to pull or push it.

There are many brands involved in manufacturing these wooden baby walkers.

To manufacture a baby walker they should follow certain guidelines. It is our responsibility to check if these guidelines are followed. A walker is recommended with a broader base so that the centre of gravity of the baby walker is closer to ground. This is to ensure that a sudden jerk of the child to the walker should not trip them.


Baby walkers are developed in such a way that baby security is assured. Hand grips ensure the baby holds firmly on the walker’s handle and comfortably supports them if they lose their balance. Wooden baby push walkers are designed to ensure your child’s safety.

The extra attachment to the legs and wheels of the baby walker protects them from skidding. These safety guidelines are of due importance to protect your child from sudden falls and injuries.

Speed ​​control

The wooden baby walker has wheel brake. A braking system in baby walkers help to control the walker’s speed according to your baby’s movement.

One of the top reasons for parents to select these wooden walkers for babies is the facility of speed can be controlled and regulated. So, initially you can start with a smaller speed setting and subsequently you can increase the speed once baby starts advancing his steps.


Wooden baby walker wheels are designed for all types of floors and surfaces. A wooden baby walker generates the required traction to prevent skidding so it is also suitable for hardwood flooring. This is important if you are looking for the best baby walkers for hardwood floors, as walkers which do not have a proper braking system tend to move faster on the hardwood.


Best Wooden baby walkers are Truly developing:

Tactile sensations play a vital role in understanding the world. Natural wooden toys give children the opportunity to show logic, imagination, and thinking

Promotes development:

Serves as a support during the very first attempts to stand on its own and helps balance.
The kid will hone fine motor skills, demonstrate the relationship between volume, weight and introduce new tactile sensations

Assistant in the first steps:

For the little ones, it serves as a support during the first attempts to stand and walk independently and helps them to balance without parents’ support.
During games, the kid will hone fine motor skills, demonstrate the connection between volume, weight, and introduce new tactile sensations.

Will help to decorate a stylish nursery:

Wooden toys develop taste and aesthetic qualities. In addition to its main function, the selection of the best wooden baby walker serves as a storage system, and modern warm colors perfectly complement the decor without overloading it.

Wooden walker for babies are Completely safe:

No plastic, no harmful substances, no harm to baby’s health and harm to the environment. So, Eco-Friendly Wooden Walker For Babies are alays a boon to use.


What is the Right age to use baby wooden walker with brakes?

With 10 months you choose a rather low starting age. Here it is advisable to pay attention to the real stage of development of the little ones.

Braking still helps insecure and shaky children significantly, it makes this model suitable for young and small children, but they should already take a few steps on their own to really benefit from the wooden walker.

Because individual development at this early stage is not always the same, caring parents should of course accompany the first attempts at play and possibly wait 2-3 months before using them.

Why Eco-Friendly Wooden Walker For Babies better than plastic baby walkers?

Indeed, not every person financially strong to dish out several dollars for plastic toys that are not so durable. These wood infant walker are built to accommodate children of various sizes and various interests.
The baby walkers come in various materials, and we feel that the wooden baby walkers are dominating in their style when compared to plastic push walkers.

They impart traditional feeling when your child plays with them. Obviously, plastic is lightweight and reasonable, yet not as pleasing to the eye when compared to wood.
Cleaning a plastic baby is easy, but still, it cannot be a replacement for a wooden baby walker. Wooden baby walkers are more durable than plastic baby walkers. The use of chemical paints in wooden baby walkers is completely zeroed out making it completely safe for your kid.

Since working with wood is quite easy, so rounding out the sharp edges and corners becomes convenient. Wooden walkers can also come in various designs and forms with handmade carvings on them.
As wood is a good insulator, it’s not required to be cooled or heated in various climatic conditions. Hence it is thermally stable, comfortable, and safe for your baby.

The plastic wheels attached to the plastic baby walker could be slippery at times for your baby to hold. A wooden baby walker has wheels that ensure good traction on any surface. This helps your baby love the walker who is just learning to make his footsteps.

We realize how overwhelming it can be to pick the best wooden infant walkers.