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Joovy spoon walker reviews [2022]- Latest Reviews

Joovy spoon walker review will help you understand what makes it stand out from others.

There are so many push walkers, among all, one of the best is spoon walker by joovy. So, in this article, you are going to get a detailed Joovy Spoon Walker Reviews which makes it one of the best sellers in the market today.

Because of its capacity to hold maximum weight and height, joovy baby walker is recomended for tall babies to move well as it is one of the best baby walker for carpet floor. If you are looking for hardwood, then I would suggest looking into baby walker with rubber wheels to prevent sudden skids and falls.

How to use joovy baby walker safely?

  • Remove all over height objects to prevent your child from reaching when on a walker.
  • Cover all the outlets with outlet covers.
  • Close the doors of the hallways where you do not want your baby to go with the walker.

Have any doubt regarding joovy walker safety standards, and how many height adjustments does it have or how can we lower the height of Joovy spoon Walker? Watch this video.

How joovy spoon walker helps in brain development?

Walker helps babies to move and it develops their brain as they start thinking about actually getting places.

When your baby realizes that he’s up against a wall or up against a door in a hallway and he needs to back up rotate his hips and then continue forward.

You can really see that developing his brain, it doesn’t help him learn how to walk but it definitely helps the brain function in different ways.

Let’s have a walkthrough of detailed review of what spoon walker combines.

joovy spoon baby walker – charcoal

The Joovy Spoon Walker is a U-shaped high chair walker that can be used as a place for children to eat, play and learn to walk and comes with compliance with safety standards and stair safety.

This elegant spoon walker has a glossy white finish. It’s seat inserts are available in six vibrant colors i.e listed below,

Check the other colors of spoon walker that can blend perfectly with your baby’s room.

The walker rubber wheel attached to joovy makes it a true winner in hardwood floors

joovy spoon baby walker -greenie

joovy spoon baby walker -purple

joovy spoon baby walker -red

Produced by the American company Joovy, like all products, this walker is innovative, sophisticated and extremely resistant.

Your baby will love it because it is comfortable and fun.

It looks great and is easy to clean, so you will love it. The most important thing is that it is safe, strong and stable.

Joovy Spoon Walker Specifications

Assembled Dimensions: Joovy Spoon Walker assembled measures 18 ” (H) x 25 1/2 ” (W) x 27 3/4 ” (D).

Folded Dimensions: Spoon folds flat. When folded, the dimensions are 9 inches (H) x 25 1/2 inches (W) x 27 3/4 inches (D).

Weight: weighs 12.3 lbs.

Maximum user weight and height: Joovy Spoon was created for children who can sit upright unassisted and for children who weigh up to 30 pounds and are up to 331/2 inches tall.

Features of joovy spoon baby walker


joovy spoon walker feeding time

When it’s time to eat, Joovy Walker’s super sized tray reaches the table and holds the baby’s bowl and bottle. The removable insert tray can be easily removed and washed after food messes.

The inserts can be washed in the dishwasher as well. Tray is big enough to hold your baby’s favorite toys.

removable tray joovy spoon walker reviews

When they are a little older, this versatile walker will support your baby and help him gain confidence and strengthen his legs when taking the first steps.

In this Joovy Spoon Walker review, we will look at the big picture, its strengths, weaknesses and buyer’s feedback.

Wide Base

With a reinforced frame and wide base, you don’t have to worry about the tilt of the Joovy Baby Walker over when your baby jumps up and down and also it ensures that the baby’s movements are restricted to broad hallways.

The non-slip stair pad provides great traction and its base is very stable and virtually drop resistant.

The base is designed to prevent a child’s finger from getting caught between the side of the tray and the wall if it hits the side of the tray and the wall.

The little hands and fingers can’t stretch over the edge as easily obviously they’ll get to an age where their arms easily do stretch over the side but don’t worry joovy thought of that the base of the walker is wider than the top of the tray table so even if the baby has his hands hanging over the side which is very common, it’s impossible for him to rub or jam his fingers into the wall.

Joovy spoon also has this bumper guard right in the front that prevents toddler bumps and helps push toys lying on the floor get out of the way thereby preventing stepping on any of them or anything that’s going to hurt his legs.

It is Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.


The Joovy Baby walker is equipped with supportive seat pad, a comfortable seat cushion and a soft padded backrest.

Your child would definitely be happy and relieved with Walker, balance of eating playing or learning to walk.

Whether you are looking for a short baby walker for your small size baby or a tall baby walker for your big baby, walkers that come with adjusting height , joovy spoon is highly recommended as it is built with high safety measures.

Joovy spoon walker that comes with three height options allows the child to use the chair in a sitting position and the walker in a standing position. It also means that you can adjust the seat position as you grow.

Easy to clean and store

The tray insert is dishwasher safe. The seat insert is machine washable.

The Joovy Spoon Walker can be folded for transport and storage.

joovy spoon walker foldable reviews

Joovy has three different positions including lowering all the way to the ground making it easier for you to simply push it under the normal bed or lean it over at the corner of the room.

Ease of assembly

The Joovy Spoon Walker is assembled. Just insert the seat insert and your child is ready to use.

Note: This JPMA certified baby product meets or exceeds all government scale safety and compliance standards.

However, you should always watch your baby when using it or walking. A safety gate must be used to prevent access to the stairs.

Limitations of joovy walker

Seat Cover

Replacing the seat cover after removing it is problematic. Doing this multiple times will make things easier for you.


The wheels tend to be a bit stiff, making it difficult for small children to turn walker first time they use.

Activity Panel

There is no built in activity toys in joovy walker. However you can always get a list of your child’s favorite toys on the big joovy tray and replace as when needed. Children usually get bored with same play toys.

If you are looking for a built-in activity panel, you need to go for push walkers , and VTech sit to stand learning walker is one of the best choices among most parents looking for a push toy.

In the next part of this Joovy Spoon Walker review, we will see what our customers think.

What parents say after buying Joovy Spoon Walker?

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker review is very impressive overall.

There are many positive comments about Joovy Spoon’s quality, robustness and stability.

Parents love how easy it is to move it from room to room.

Many parents have said they can stack toys on a large tray to drive their kids crazy and entertain them, so they can watch their kids do housework.

Some people find that Joovy Baby Walker doesn’t work well with deep-pile rugs, but rolls well on short-pile rugs and hardwood floors, when used as a walker.

Can we compare joovy spoon walkers with others?

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant walker, then a spoon walker would be a perfect choice.

The only setback in the spoon walkers is that it does not come with activity toys, music or songs. But there is a supportive tray to place attractive toys for your kids to play with and these toys can be replaced as per need, kids normally get bored seeing the same toys over and over again.


Joovy spoon baby walker that comes with a simple yet elegant design has been a point of attraction to baby walker lovers. The best reviews about Joovy spoon walker makes it the best selling product at Amazon with good ratings.

If you are looking for a push walker for baby learning to walk, please readreviews about vtech sit and stand walker

FAQ about joovy baby walker

Is Joovy spoon Walker safe?

Joovy walker is manufactured by an American company “joovy”.
Like all its products, this walker is innovative, highly functional, and very resistant.
Your baby will love it as it has comfortable seat and easy to move around.
You will love it because of the simple and elegant design and the snack tray is easy to clean.
It is strong and stable and it’s anti-slip stair pads prevent it from tumbling down.

How do you raise a Joovy Walker?

There are 3 height adjustments in joovy walker to suit your baby’s height. There is a knob right under the joovy tray for controlling heights, this will help you raise or lower the height of the walker. By lowering the knob totally down you can make it flat enough to be pushed under the bed for easy storage.

Does the Joovy Walker have brakes?

No, joovy doesn’t have brakes. However, it has anti-slip stair pads to prevent the walker from tumbling on reaching the edge of steps.

How to lower joovy walker?

Lowering joovy spoon is quite simple. Just hit the button under the tray and the walker folds down completelety flat for easy storage and portability.
how to lower joovy walker

Joovy spoon walker is a great option if you are looking for a simple, secure and replaceable and engaging toys.
Watch this video for understanding better on lowering the joovy walker.

Are baby walkers safe?

There’s a kind of a bad stigma about baby walkers back in 1996, the American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommended putting a ban on all walkers because of the dangers that arise.
 The most common injuries that occur while in walkers are
Falling in pools.
Falling down stairs.
Since they’re now at an elevated level they’re able to reach different objects and pull those down on them which has caused suffocation, poisoning and even burning.
Research has shown that babies who use walkers develop motor and mental skills such as sitting up crawling or walking later than babies who don’t use walker and rather prefer jumper activity centers.
There is a common misconception that baby walker are actually an aid to help them walking which is completely false.
So, after hearing all those dangers and everything that makes a walker bad why would anyone ever want to buy one?
So, I know I listed a lot of dangers but there are ways that you can mitigate every single one of those starting off.
In this article, you will also know how Joovy spoon Walker is safe? The reviews about joovy spoon walker will clearly define it.
So, keep reading……..
Firstly, let me make it clear that joovy spoon baby walker is seated walker and not a walk behind push toys for babies.

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