Looking for best long range baby monitor 2022 to monitor your baby at a longer distance! Your search ends here. Here is a good list of best long range baby monitors for you.

I remember it was back in 2015! when I got my tiny baby home with a whole lot of issues like newborn jaundice, umbilical hernia, and so on. I just could not move away from him without keeping a complete monitoring system near him.

I search for a monitoring system started here. And trust me baby monitors are a real boon for parents who can’t spend all day sitting next to their child.

What is the purpose of a long-range baby monitor?

Families that live a large house require a long-range baby monitor to not lose signal when moving towards the other side of the house. Having a baby monitor has made multiple parents feel safe and connected to their baby regardless of where they are in the house.

What makes a good long range baby monitor?

There are multiple criteria’s that need to be taken into consideration to determine a good long range baby monitor.

Criteria-1: Audio and video only

It’s extremely important to know what you want. Since there are two types of baby monitors available: audio and video only, which both perform functions according to what their name suggests. Long range baby monitor with audio work best in situations where you require only to hear when your baby needs you. Those who wish to see and hear their baby are recommended to go for a video baby monitor.

Criteria-2: House size and Required range

Always ascertain the size of the house so that you can pick a best baby monitor for long range so that the connection remains in good range with your baby from anywhere in the house.

Multiple baby monitoring products boast about their range of signal to impress the audience. But in a house, we are aware of the household furniture, walls and door which would interrupt the signal and hence hinder the actual range of the baby monitor.

As advertised, in an open, unobstructed space the range of the device would match the advertising standards of 1000 feet; but as opposed to a closed and obstructed space the range would fall to a 100-450 feet. Since we cannot predict the range of the monitor in every individual house, it is advised to go for a long-range baby monitor to always guarantee a clear signal.

Criteria-3: Battery Life

One of the biggest concerns with respect to a baby monitor is its battery life. If you don’t want to constantly keep charging your baby monitor, choose one with the best battery life.

Criteria-4: Two-way Audio

Worried about not being able to comfort your baby when far away from them? Go for a two-way audio long range baby monitor so that you’re able to talk and calm your baby down even when you’re farther away from them.

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Long range baby monitor reviews for covering long distance

long range audio video baby monitors

Best long range baby monitors in 2022

Now that we’re aware of the criteria’s that need to be taken under consideration before purchasing a best budget baby monitor under 100$, lets view the products that match our requirements.

Panasonic Video Baby Monitor

The Panasonic video baby monitor has a range of 1,500 feet in an unobstructed environment. This device is also an award winning, Amazon recommended product. It is one of the best baby monitors available in the market as it has exceptional features, cost-effective and has a longer range compared to the other products existing in the market.

The two-way audio is an added advantage as it allows you to speak to speak to the baby through the parent screen which is visible to the baby. Babies feel psychologically safe and comfortable according to recent studies when they can see and listen their parents, hence the video and audio feature is extremely resourceful. Another unique feature about the Panasonic video baby monitor is its ambient noise reduction software which cancels out the external interferences and background noises.

The Panasonic baby monitor boasts a 13-hour battery life when left on standby and a 5-hours when used continuously. This monitor also has a smart DECT technology which keeps the baby monitor safe from hacking.

Angelcare Baby Breathing Monitor

This baby monitor is unique when compared to its other competing baby monitors as it offers a breathing sensor pad. This pad works in such a mechanism where the pad doesn’t need to be in contact with the baby but must be placed under the mattress. This pad alerts the parent unit when there’s no breathing or movement activity from the nursery unit for more than 20 seconds.

These baby monitors are invaluable in environments with families that need to cater to children with special needs or those that are afflicted by SIDS. This baby monitor also provides a video feature and other excellent features such as reaching up to coverage of 820 feet outdoors.

It is definitely a monitor that comes under the expensive price range, but the unique breathing sensor aren’t offered by other devices and hence happens to be one of its kind.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby monitor

This device has an excellent range of 700 feet in an unobstructed space, with an astounding sound quality, a clear 3.5-inch color LCD display and a minimal interference. With all these features, it’s very easy to monitor the baby from anywhere in the house.

The unique feature about this baby monitor is its alarm system which alerts its user when the device moves out of range.

The camera on this device is a high-definition camera which can also be controlled by its users to pan, zoom and tilt through 170 degrees to give to give a custom view of the nursery from any angle. Additional number of cameras with a limit of 4 can be added for a wider view of the nursery.

The other features included in this baby monitor is a two-way talkback feature along with temperature recording. The battery life of this device potentially lasts for about 12 hours but since it has a spare battery feature, it could approximately last up to 24 hours. This monitor also has an infrared night vision along with an LED light which alerts the parent or caretaker when the baby cries.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

This video baby monitor has a range of 900 feet in an unobstructed space, but a 160-feet coverage indoors. It has a secure 2.4 GHz wireless digital connection along with an in-built alarm which alerts the caretaker or parent when they move out of range or when the battery is low.

The camera attached to the device also has the feature of pan and tilting at a 360-degree view according to the user’s command.

Some of the added features that come along with this device is its ability to sense the temperature of the surrounding environment, with a two-way talkback function, infrared night vision and in-built lullabies for the baby’s comfort. An LED light also contributes towards the safety of the baby as it alerts the parent when the baby cries or makes any noise.

This device has a unique power saving mode which helps to increase the battery life of the baby monitor by turning on only when it any sound is recognized by it. But without activating this feature, the battery life last for about 8 hours.

Vtech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

For couples that are on a budget for baby monitors under 100$ and require only an audio only baby monitor, this device is recommended by many of its users. It has an extraordinary range of 1000 feet outdoors and 160 feet indoors. The smart DECT 6.0 technology helps to cancel out external noises and provides the receiving end with crystal clear audio. This device has a unique 5-level sound indicator on the parent monitor. This helps to accurately determine whether the baby is crying or making noise.

The two-way talkback feature allows the parent/caretaker to communicate with their littles ones when required from a farther distance. The users are provided with rechargeable batteries to power the parent unit. It has an in-built alarm to alert the parent when moving out of range or running low on battery. This device provides an impressive battery life of up to 18 hours.

Philips Avent DECT SCD720 Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is an audio only unit with an excellent sound quality which is transmitted via a well-known DECT technology. This ensures that the parent unit receives flawless audio over long distances with a secure line meaning only you can hear your baby. This device also boasts a 1000 feet range outdoors and 160 feet indoors.

This monitor has the mandatory talkback function which allows the parent to talk to the baby and comfort the baby when needed. The nursery unit has multiple features such as temperature sensors, 5 lullabies played on command, and a soft nightlight to aid the parent when attending to their little ones at night.

The parent unit also has the feature of alerting its user when moving out of range and provides the users with rechargeable batteries that last up to 18 hours. The LED light feature alerts to noise from the nursery unit even when muted.

ANMEATE Baby Monitor

The ANMEATE baby monitor with an affordable price attached to it. This device has a coverage of transmission of up to 960 feet outdoors and 140 feet indoors. Unlike most video baby monitors; the parent unit screen features a small 2.4-inch screen. But it also offers temperature sensors, infrared night vision, pan and zoom camera abilities, and lullaby songs.

The other added features include an Alarm/Timer, Auto Scan View, Multi-Camera Expandability and the ability to mount the nursery unit in whichever place that seems most appealing to the parent. This unit is well priced with the number of features that it has to offer.

Hello baby Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor has a coverage of 960 feet in an unobstructed space and 140 feet in a closed environment. This monitor also happens to be one of the cheapest and affordable baby monitors which also offers a quality service that can compete with the expensive baby monitors. It is equipped with an extremely resourceful noise reduction, talkback feature and lullabies.

This monitor also records the temperature of its surroundings, alerts the parent unit when the baby makes noises, infrared night vision, pan and tilting camera abilities which can cover a 360-degree angle. It has the feature of alerting the parent unit when it moves out of range or runs out of battery.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

The Motorola is a high-end baby monitor which is available in the market at an expensive price. But its features provide justice to the price quoted by the company. It offers a coverage of 1000 feet outdoors. With a rechargeable battery which alerts the users when low on battery, room temperature display, and a two-way talkback feature to communicate with your little one.

Additional cameras can be purchased and linked with the parent unit to monitor more than one kid in cases where parents find the need to monitor more than just one child that is part of their household. Reviews given by a few Motorola baby monitor users gave a positive feedback of the durability of this device.

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Dragon Touch DT50 Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor can cover long distances and has a nearly 100% 5-star rating on a verified website like Amazon. This wireless baby monitor has a coverage of up to 1000 feet with a 5-inch color screen along with a zoom camera feature. It is an extremely cheap baby monitor which competes with the other expensive baby monitors present in the market.

It also monitors the room temperature, with added alarm settings, talkback feature for the parent to communicate with their little ones and can play lullaby on command among the other included features.

Verdict for the most appealing product from the above products:

Some of the most important aspects to determine the best long range baby monitor would be its range of coverage and video and audio quality.

And the product that balances out these features is the Panasonic Video Baby Monitor. It has an extraordinary quality and durability. Based on multiple consumer reviews, it confirms the fact that its range is dependable, and the quality of the audio and video is extremely resourceful. The option of installation of more than just one camera also contributes towards its success. And the process of installing the device is also extremely simple and hence is an all-rounder.