Looking for a cheap and budget friendly baby monitor under 100 with excellent features in 2022?

Being a busy mom we need to handle all little to big things at home, and so baby monitors are a real help that allows us to monitor our little one when we do other things and enjoy the security that everything is under control.

Without a doubt, a baby monitor must be reliable, never fail and have a good wireless range, notify you when the battery runs out and have a sufficient sensitivity range to find out when our child wakes up and calls us.

They have to be easy to configure, have a good screen and video resolution (if we choose them with a camera), and why not, they can have two-way communication to talk to our little one and have them respond to us when they reach a certain age.

If you also measure the temperature or humidity of the room and sing lullabies to the baby, then much better.

We are going to see a few baby monitor options that are going to adapt to all needs (not everyone needs the same features) and all pockets.

Hard of hearing, Baby monitors designed for the deaf will work best for you.

Do you want a cheap baby monitor under 100 dollars?

Every mother would want to use the best baby monitor, but not at very high price, right?

Earlier parents used to spend hundreds of dollars on baby monitoring but that is in the past.

The latest technology innovation in baby monitors has made it available in affordable range. The low cost baby monitors are introduced to the market are easy to install and operate.

We need to first prioritize our needs, Let’s break it down.

Firstly, do we want a baby monitor with or without a camera? 

Secondly, Is it compatible with your iPhone? 

Third, do you want it to be available in long-range?

Answering these questions will actually help us shortlist those which meet the minimum requirements, without actually spending on a high budget monitor.

Best 10 monitors under 100$ [2021]

Get the best list of budget friendly baby monitors with all features.

Baby Sense Video MonitorCheap and Affordable

This is truly one of the best monitors out there which comes with a 2.4 HQ Color LCD that lets you view your baby clearly. The 2.4Ghz FHSS technology helps in offering HD and steady video and the sound is interference free.

The best feature about this one is its range. You don’t need to worry if you have to go out because this provides a range of 900 feet in an open source and the two way feature allows you to easily communicate with your child.


  • Up to 900 feet coverage.
  • ECO mode enabled.
  • Room temperature monitoring.
  • Auto night vision.
  • Can zoom or tilt remotely.


  • The power cord could have been larger.
  • The ECO mode can be faulty sometimes.

Hello Baby HB65 Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is available with large LCD screen with safe wireless technology. The screen size is 3.2 inches, which has a very reliable and secure connection. It also has a zooming feature. The remote control camera can rotate at an angle of 355* horizontally and 120* degree vertically. It also has an amazing Room Temperature Sensor which protects the room from getting too hot or too cold.


  • Larger LCD screen.
  • Easy to operate
  • Night vision
  • Temperature sensor


  • Battery not powerful
  • Not much memory storage.

Note: If you are looking for a baby monitor for camping, select the battery powered baby monitor.

Hello Baby 3.2 Baby Monitor

It is just the right product for any home. It has fantastic features which make it possible for mothers to easily monitor their babies. It has 4 cameras and you can always easily determine the location and the position of your baby.  You can see how your baby is doing using the monitor. It also allows two-way communication which makes it easier for the mothers to interact with their child, it also has a mute feature.  This product offers the best in terms of night vision. So you can monitor your baby anytime day or night.


  • Infrared camera
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Noise level can be controlled.


  • Screen is quite smaller as compared to others
  • Charging cord can be longer.

Motorola Comfort 50 Baby Video Monitor

It has a beautiful 5-inch full color screen that has a remote digital zoom. Built with 2.4Ghz Wireless Technology, this baby monitoring offers safe and secure connectivity. It has an amazing range of coverage of 1000 feet and it also alerts you when the battery is low. It also has 5 pre loaded lullabies and also has alarm settings to make baby monitoring effective.


  • Good range of coverage.
  • Smart alert facility
  • Comes with remote display monitor set up
  • Steady video recording
  • Wireless


  • Two-way communication is not random.
  • Any device within range can affect it’s pairing.

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Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT DECT is a remarkable baby monitor that suits your lifestyle and your home needs. It is an excellent monitoring system and it costs less than 50$. It has a wide range of 900 feet and is enhanced with DECT technology, which reduces the interface to zero. The sound is crystal clear and the night light produced is comforting, giving you and your baby a peaceful night. This monitor has a LED display of 1.6 inches, which displays battery signal and strength of the signal and room temperature. The parent’s unit automatically becomes active when there is movement in the baby’s nursery or if the baby cries for help. The parents’ unit responds by vibrating and then lighting up. It operates on 2AA batteries, which are rechargeable and it can last up to 18 hours. This device also provides a 100% secure private connection.


  • Has talkback function
  • Built-in temperature facility
  • DECT technology
  • Wide range of 900 feet


  • No video monitoring

VTech DM221-21 Audio Baby MonitorBudget friendly

VTech DM221-21 is a high quality cheap baby monitor. The product is highly affordable and easy to use. It is rated high because of its high sound quality. The sound is the loudest in the industry. The sound has five different setting levels. When it raises the alarm, even if you are far you would hear the alarm. Since it also has a two-way communication feature you can hear when your child is crying or playing. So you can also talk back and this will make her them feel you are with them.  It also has a night light attached to it so you can see them even during the nights. It has a user guide and a menu as well, which directs you on how to use the monitor to care for your baby.


  • Two-way communication
  • Very clear sound quality
  • Control level of sound
  • Highly Affordable


  • Not durable sometimes

Victure Video Baby Monitor With Smart Motion Tracking

This baby monitor has advanced 1080P FHD Vision with an inbuilt 850nm IR LED. It is a dual video baby monitor that is cost efficient, which serves effectively. It has 1920 * 1080P video quality to offer clear pictures and videos of the child during the day and night. It has two way audio and two call modes and also has a built in microphone.


  • Automatically switches to night mode.
  • Motion detection cameras
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection
  • Two-way communication


  • Unable to record temperatures

Serene Life USA Baby Monitor

Serene life is a video baby monitor known to have convenient features suitable for modern parents. It has a 3.2 inch wireless display that gives digital video using 2.4GHz frequency band. It is a portable and chargeable baby monitor operating wirelessly and up to a range of 850 feet. It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can take you hours of usage compared to the other replaceable batteries.  It also has built in thermometer that alerts you of the nature of the room.  This ensures the baby spends a night in a room that has an ideal temperature. It is one of the best cheap baby monitors. It offers excellent performance with amazing connectivity. 


  • Has an in built thermometer
  • Has effective wireless connectivity.
  • Features like lullabies and melodies
  • 360 degree camera rotation
  • Button Controls


  • Very loud melodies that can’t be adjusted
  • Very bright light
  • Battery depletes faster.

Motorola MBP481 Baby Monitor

Motorola’s digital video baby monitor features 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology and has an excellent design quality. It is one of the best and cheap baby monitors with camera currently available and a strong signal. The screen size is 2.4 inches in a diagonal shape. The digital zoom includes infrared night vision with high sensitivity microphone. It offers a wide range of 1000 feet coverage. It has F2.7 millimeter F 2.6 lens and LED sound level indicator. The battery is rechargeable and has an alert unit with it. It also has smart features like lullabies and features a two-way talkback communication.


  • It has a timer and an alarm.
  • Has Infrared night vision
  • Out of range alert cautions


  • Small display size of 2.4 inches

You can easily find the best that suits for your child and for better understanding carefully read the guidelines and that will help you a lot in making your work easier.

Guidelines in Buying a Budget friendly Baby Monitor Under 100$

Nowadays, the baby monitor plays a vital role in parents’ life. Technology makes it simpler and more portable for everyone, to build a convenient selection that closely fits your desires. Here, we will discuss the proper guideline which includes the best characteristics with variants of different baby monitors.

What to consider while buying an affordable baby monitor under 100$?

First of all, there are 5 basics about baby monitoring that you should be clear about:

1. With camera or without camera?

For first-time parents, being able to see their baby move and breathe at any time is very comforting, which is why baby monitors with a camera are their favorite option. And let’s not forget that it is always useful to teach visitors how the little one sleeps!

For more experienced parents , a cameraless baby monitor may be enough if they just want to hear when you cry or wake up. They are also a good option when the house is very small, and they are usually much cheaper.

For parents hard of hearing, there are specially designed vibrating baby monitors for the impaired.

2. With a monitor or with your mobile?

If you have decided on a baby monitor with a camera, the next step is to choose between those that include a monitor with a screen , or those that allow you to see the baby on your  mobile or tablet through an application .

Although they are a bit more expensive, for those parents who go out a lot and leave the baby with the babysitter, the option of being able to see their little one from the mobile anywhere is very useful .

If you are not going to go out too much, baby monitors with a monitor are usually simpler and cause less problems.

To consider

Check the quality of the WiFi signal reaching the baby’s room. If the intensity is low, better buy a baby monitor with a monitor.

3. Scope is critical

The first thing you should do once you have your new baby monitor is to put the camera in the child’s room, place the monitor where they will spend more time (the dining room or the kitchen) and check if the signal arrives clearly.

The range of most baby monitors is between 15 and 30 meters (with four walls in between), but that distance can vary depending on the house, materials and other radio frequencies.

To consider

Most monitors issue a warning when they are out of range, but ideally, your baby monitor has the maximum range so as not to be suffering from it.

4. Does it include sleep mode?

To increase their autonomy when they are disconnected from the mains, some baby monitors include  a sleep mode. Thanks to it, the screen only turns on when the camera detects any noise or movement.

To consider

If your monitor is not going to be plugged in for too long because you move around the house a lot, look for a baby monitor that incorporates sleep modes.

5. Choose your extras

There are many extras depending on the baby monitor model, but they are not essential:

  • Steerable camera
  • Communication with the baby
  • Sensors
  • Warning lights
  • Mobility


Most of the baby monitors perform their task by transferring data from Video Camera to the Monitor in the form of digital signals, which offer to experience a clear sound of the baby with lesser interference as compared to analog baby monitors. Therefore, analog baby monitors are practically discontinued from the market due to the rising issue of interference by other signals which deflects the quality of sound received.

Whereas in digital baby monitors the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology is installed, that can operate at 2.4 GHz which helps to reduce the interference, thus improving the quality of the signal by making it tough to intercept.

Secondly, there are few devices in the market that are equipped with Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT). This technology helps to enhance the privacy and security of the connection, which makes it more difficult to face any interferences, exclude sound from other monitors, or even avoid transmitting your data to other devices.

The baby monitors with the technology of FHSS and DECT are expensive and are only recommended to use if you live in a community or environment where there are already many other people using the baby monitors.  In this type of environment, your device will provide you a clearer sound of your baby without any interference.


The baby monitors can only work for a fixed distance due to the limited range of the camera or transmitter from the monitor, this helps to receive accurate data through the signals.

You may come across many other baby monitors which mention that the device can work up to a distance of 200 meters. But the distance of 200 meters is specified only if the monitor and the camera are in an open area without any object in between them. If you use them inside a house that is made up of walls then it can limit the range of these devices to 20-30 meters with 4-5 walls in between the devices, and it is sufficient.

In most cases, the range is considered the most important characteristic while purchasing a baby monitor, so I would like to suggest that as soon as you purchase any of the baby monitors try it in your house so that it fulfills your requirements.


These baby monitors are manufactured with the ideology of preventing instant infant death syndrome. These types of monitors include a pad that is fixed under the baby’s mattress and it measures the vibration produced by the breathing action of a baby. As soon as no vibration is null or zero it raises an alarm sound.

While it is found useful by some of the parents, but for others it creates anxiety. The Lullaby Trust, one of the largest foundations which work on the prevention of Instant Infant Death Syndrome, has stated that there is no proof or medical evidence that these alarm pads can avoid sudden death.

Due to this reason, most of the monitors are not included with this feature. You should choose only those baby monitors which are more practical to you.

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Since the transmitters and the cameras are installed in the baby’s room and are connected to a power supply, you must take precautions that the power cable and the device are not reachable by the baby to avoid the risk of strangulation or choking.


Avoid the installation of the device on the cribs or to its bars to get a better visual of your baby.

Final Thoughts!

Once we have seen the selection of the  best cheap baby monitors for less than 100 dollars,  we appreciate that we have devices for all tastes and budgets. 

There are practical and portable ones to take anywhere, baby monitors with wide night vision, with a built-in microphone, bidirectional, etc. 
To decide on one of them, you have to take into account the needs of each person. 

Depending on the size of the house, you can choose for a long range monitor or lesser scope. It is best to study well all the functions and features to choose the most suitable baby monitor.


What is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is a radio system used to remotely listen to sounds made by babies. It consists of a transmitter unit along with a microphone placed near the child. It transmits waves to the receiver unit with a speaker near the person looking after the child.
It provides a two-way communication which allows parent or the person taking care to talk back, while some of them play music to the child. A monitor with a video camera and receiver is often called baby cam.
These baby monitors allow the attendants to hear when an infant wakes, starts crying or starts crawling so to keep a check on them, baby monitors play a vital role especially in European countries.

Which is the best budget baby monitor?

The best monitor that comes with the required features is the Avail and Follow Baby. And for the best model which provides connectivity through Wi-Fi, the Motorola EASE44 Connect provides the best function at affordable prices.

What should be the most essential feature to look for when buying a baby monitor?

Many characteristics help to determine the suitability of a baby monitor for you. Novice parents who want to select the most featured baby monitor as compared to experienced parents will go for the audio baby monitor. But the most important factor should be the range of the monitor within your house.

What is the difference between analog and digital baby monitor?

Analog Baby Monitor
Analog baby monitor use analog radio signal that operates under 49Hz frequency band.
They easily pickup noise and are more prone to interference by devices such as cordless phones.
It allows you to select out of several channels in case there is interference in any channel.
Analog baby monitor signal does not travel much distance as compared to digital ones.
Analog baby monitor signal is continuous.
The signal transfer speed is significantly lower compared to a digital baby monitor.
Digital baby Monitor
Uses digital radio signal that uses frequency under 1.9GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.0GHz
Prone to less interference but still receives sometimes from devices that use 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz frequency band such as Wi-Fi routers.
Better quality data transferred – audio or video.
Uniform signal reception. It has a better coverage and the data does not lose it’s quality.
More signal capacity transmitted per second.

What are the necessary features of affordable baby monitor?

Clarity of Audio and Video
The first thing to consider includes the clarity of audio and video features of the monitor. Ascertaining the condition of your baby is the major reason you invest on this product. You need to have a clear vision of the baby and audio clarity is equally important.
Most probably it comes with a frequency of 2.4GHz, however this is not enough. The frequency has to be an enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology. This helps clear the streams and background noise or any interference.
The security is one of the important features. Analog monitors are cheap, but anyone in the range can access the signal. On the other hand, digital monitors encrypt the audio transmission, which makes it impossible for other people to hear it. To minimize interference, look for a model that uses DECT.
A monitor with a range of 600 feet is good enough. However, choose the one that has a maximum range of 900 feet and above.
Compact and Portable
The device has to be compact and this will make it portable. If it is lightweight, you can move it about from one place to another without difficulties.
Battery Life
The battery should be durable, this means that it can serve for a long period of time before running out of current. However, the battery should be rechargeable.
Night Vision
Furthermore, it would be better if you would be able to view your baby even in the dark, right? Yes, that is one thing any parent would love.  So, when picking a monitor, look for night vision functionality also.
Other features to consider include the Room Temperature monitor, the remote control, the ease of use, in-built lullabies and Wi-Fi connectivity.

What are the types of baby monitor?

There are generally two types of baby monitors-:
Audio Baby monitor
These types of baby monitor come with audio facilities, merely includes a transmitter that is set within the bed-chamber of the baby. It helps to transmit audio waves to the parent receiver, permitting us to listen when they wake up or cry.
The receiver frequently operates without the requirement of current supply and provides better autonomy than the screen monitors. This device can also move in the room and with the assurance that it will last long on its battery.
Many devices also install the ECO function, in which the receiver only activates if the minimum level of noise exceeds in the room of the child and simultaneously the feature of walkie-talkie also gets activated which helps to communicate with your child.
If your baby is in a safe environment within his or her room and you want to only get to know about the complaints and cries of the baby then you can select these baby monitors, which are also cheaper in price.
Video Baby monitor
The Video Monitors are fitted with a small camera combined with a microphone which can be installed in the child’s room, and there is a monitor with a display in which you can watch and hear the movements of your baby.
The majority of Video monitors are pre-installed with infrared night vision so that you can monitor your baby even in the darkest lighting conditions. Few other devices are upgraded with a moving camera lens which includes a child tracking system that helps to keep the child focused on the display monitor.
Many of the Video Camera Monitors transmit data from the camera to the display with the help of signals, but nowadays, more advanced options are available in which the camera is connected to the home Wi-Fi network and transmits the data to a private mobile application. This application is installed in the parent’s tablet or the smartphone through which they can keep a check on their baby and it also helps to keep an eye even if you are away from the home.