Top 7 vibrating Baby monitor for Deaf Parents and heavy sleepers [2022]- Latest Reviews

Do you have issues with hearing? Parents with hearing impairments also are always on the lookout to find the best monitor for babies that comes with vibrations and visual features. Finding a vibrating baby monitor for deaf parents and heavy sleepers is a real challenge.

And listening to tracked and recorded movements with baby monitor with motion sensor becomes much harder with hearing impairments.

So, how can hearing impaired parent select the baby cry monitors for deaf parents for their baby?

Do you need a battery powered baby monitor with vibrating alert to notify your baby cries or wakes in the bjorn bouncer kept at a longer distance?

Are baby monitors with vibrations a good alert for busy moms when they have placed their babies in jumper activity centers with hands free operation.

Best Selling Baby monitor for deaf parents and heavy sleepers

How deaf mama gets up from sleep using vibrating alert baby monitors?

Getting a monitor for your baby with a vibration alert should be your prime concern.

Do deaf mothers have baby monitors for camping? Let’s see

Conventional baby monitors are sound-based and, therefore, do not offer the tranquility and security that we seek when we are deaf parents. The good news is that everyday brands are more aware of advantage of battery powered baby monitor and there are more and more devices prepared to meet the needs of all types of people.

So, don’t hesitate to get a baby video monitor with vibration alert to install in baby’s room or nursery if you find hard to hear.

Top listed Vibrating monitors for the deaf

How do Vibrating baby monitor alert parents with hearing impairment?

Parents who are deaf or hard of hearing need vibrating baby monitors alert them by flashing light or vibration. Some of these vibrating monitors even incorporate a vibrating pad so that the hearing aid can be removed at night. 

vibrating baby monitor

Thanks to this type of solution, those who use technical aids, such as hearing aids, can take them off with complete peace of mind during the night.

Times have changed a lot and most people with hearing loss depend on their smartphones for day-to-day life.

The best feature of an effective Baby monitor for the deaf will be something that provides clear sound alerts and amazing visual features.

We shall not only help parents with hearing disability to get aware about the best baby monitor available, but also some of the frequently asked questions.

7 Top most recommended baby monitor for parents who are deaf or hard of hearing

Best selling vibrating baby monitors

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount Gen 1:

Are you looking for Baby Monitors with high quality camera? Camera with night vision light directed towards the ceiling so that your little munchkin’s sleep is undisturbed and the one that can also mount above baby’s crib?

Worry not, The Nanit Smart Baby monitor is your answer. It  can be monitored on phone also through mobile application.

This baby monitor is cloud-enabled hence even when there is no internet, you may steam it live. This also can detect the humidity and temperature levels in the baby’s room.

Baby Monitor is Easy to Mount,Parents may have to manually rotate cameras for proper coverage.
Parents can turn on Lullabies for babies to sooth them and put them to sleep again.Poor communication connection can be annoying.
This baby monitor comes with Best Quality Camera.
Baby monitor is strong and sturdy.
It has two way talk back intercom.

Cocoon Cam Plus-Baby Monitor with vibrating alert and breath monitoring

The Cocoon Cam Plus monitor will give you an vibration alert with its special sensors that detects changes in breathing pattern of your baby.

The inbuilt special sensors alerts you immediately whenever the baby is awake.

This special feature of Baby monitors can be assessed  by using a mobile app on your phone or  a tablet. Baby’s sleep remains undisturbed as you don’t have to use wearables on your baby.

This baby monitor is easy to install.Parents do face technical glitches in this baby monitor.
Excellent Night vision.The breathing monitoring function sometimes may not show accurate results.
Contact free user interference for uninterrupted baby sleep.
This baby monitor sends you alerts by vibrating to grab your attention.
Baby can be monitored as per convenience of parents.

SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor with Smart Watch – Best vibrating monitor for hearing impaired

Ever wondered about a smart baby monitor that can alert you effectively? Serene Life SLBCAM550 is a wireless baby monitor with an attractive rechargeable smart watch with long battery life.

This smartwatch has an attractive and user friendly display screen of 1.54 inch screen that shows the camera, voice messaging, date, time and alarm clock wherein you can access sharp images and videos through a mounting camera.

It also comes with a special feature of an embedded alarm clock for hearing impaired parents additionally it also displays time, date, and PTT voice messaging. Even in the absence of light, you can see crystal clear video as it has the infrared night vision camera illumination. Angels of Camera can be adjusted according to your convenience.

This baby monitor system also has two way communication feature  making it more reliable and convenient to communicate effectively with their baby who  may needs immediate attention.

The microphone and speaker which is as important as a radar of the ship must help in  establishing good communication between the parent and the baby. You may play lullabies and melodies to soothe your baby.

This baby monitor comes with an smart watch which is difficult to ignore as it will have an attractive outlook.Since melodies are louder, it may not be suitable for sleeping baby who is really sensitive to sounds.
Built in speaker and smart watch that establishes effective and efficient communication.Synchronization to a smart phone may not be that easy.
Vibration alert best for deaf parents.
Long lasting Battery life
Reliable product trusted by parents.


Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor for heavy sleepers

Philips Avent Detect Audio Monitor is technologically advanced. It also has a talk-back feature so that you can communicate easily with your baby via the monitor.

Technological advancements have made baby monitors very cheap to get the best features at a low rate such as baby monitors under 100$.

It helps you to monitor the temperature of the room in which the baby is sleeping and monitors the temperature is comfortable enough or not for your little munchkin.

It makes uses of DECT technology to make sure that the connection of your baby monitor is private and confidential and no one is hearing it. The best feature of this baby monitor is the Smart Eco Mode which will help you in saving energy.

Built in Lullabies for your baby.Since melodies are louder, it may not be suitable for sleeping baby who is really sensitive to sounds.
It comes with good connectionSynchronization to a smart phone may not be that easy.
This baby monitor is Environment Friendly.Backing up a Battery is a problem

Customization of sounds, vibration and lighting can be done with this modern baby monitor.
Flickering light can be annoying and distracting.
Convenient for the parents to use it  even when parents are not at home.

VTech BA72212GY Audio Baby Monitor

VTech BA72212GY Audio Baby Monitor sends you instant alerts when something changes in the behavior of your sleeping baby.

It helps you to effectively communicate with your baby as it has a talk-back intercom feature. Now you can see your baby sleeping peacefully with a small light which is soft, so it won’t bother your baby in the slightest.

Baby monitor’s connection makes use of  DECT 6.0 Technology to keep your privacy talks intact. This baby monitor can be clipped onto your belt or somewhere else on your body. Since this baby monitor works on batteries,you can access it even from 1000 feet away and because you can carry the monitor around with you comfortably everywhere you go.

Alerts through Vibrations are best for Deaf parents.Battery drainage is very frequent in this baby monitor.
Talk back feature helps you put your baby back to sleep.Absence of convient feature may be a deal breaker in this baby monitor.
Your baby  can be monitored even if parents 1000 feet away.
DECT Technology will keep your talks private and confidential, hence  no need to hush hush.

See face of baby even at night

Vibrating VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor  

VTech DM221 is an impeccable audio baby monitor for deaf and hearing-impaired or deep sleepers.

This baby monitor for the deaf and hard of hearing has vibration and light alerts. It also has a five-level graphical sound indicator that allows parents to monitor the noise level in the baby’s room. 

The range is also good and it is quite affordable price-wise.

It can run on both the AC power or on battery. Battery-powered baby monitors work best when you are out with your kid for camp.

It has two parent units that acts as the monitor and a baby unit, which is an audio monitor.You will not hear white noises as the  transmission of this device is crystal clear .With its 5-level sound indicator having graphic bars now you can monitor the level of the noise visually when the unit is on muted mode.

With its two way talk feature now parents can soothe their baby without physically going in the baby’s room. Best part is its battery can be recharged which can last a maximum of 18 hours when fully charged.


  • Sooth your baby with two way talk feature.
  • No white noise with its DECT 6.0 technology.
  • 5-level sound indicator
  • Parent unit having graphic bars.
  • Belt clip for portability and convenience.
  • Alerts with gentle vibrations when the baby is fussing.
  • Can be accessed even from 1000 feet outdoor and 150 feet indoor range distance.

This baby monitor provides you best indoor and outdoor coverage.Battery may drain quickly.
The parent unit of baby monitor has ample backlight.No extra feature available
Portable because of belt clip on parent unit.
Baby monitor that establishes two way talk back communication


VTech DM225 Owl Audio Baby Monitor– Baby cry monitor for alerting deaf parents

This monitor for baby also has a talk-back intercom and sends you alerts when it detects a baby crying. It also has an inbuilt vibration mode which is great for deaf or hearing impaired parents. Deaf parents can easily see the information needed in a perfectly illuminated monitor display.

This is one of the best baby monitor for the impaired works on battery and you may clip-on baby monitor anywhere on your body as it can be accessed even from a long distance of 1000 feet range. If you are looking for a baby monitor that works for longer distance, such as 1000 feet then this would be the perfect pick.

It also has DECT 6.0 technology to lower the chances of someone listening in on the conversation and to provide you complete privacy when using this baby monitor.

Owl design is adorably best suited for babies.Troubled connection between baby monitor and parent monitor.

This baby monitor is compact and portable.
Battery may drains easily hence bothering parents to keep extra battery backup for uncertain times.
Parents may talk to their little munchkin sleeping in separate room without meeting baby in person.
Good quality indoor and outdoor coverage so the communication is effective and efficient.

Summer Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor- Award winner vibrating baby monitor bracelet

If you are looking for a baby monitor that is wearable like a wristband then this is perfect one. The one best reason being the award winner of “Parent Tested Parent Approved Award”.

It has three monitoring modes: vibration and sound lights for deaf mothers, sound lights only, audio and sound lights for heavy sleepers.

It is adjustable wristband comfortable for both mom and dad. Rechargeable battery, with up to 8-hours of continuous use, and range up to 800-feet.

Wearable Silent Vibrating/Zapping Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Hard of Hearing and Couples.

There are six different ways to wake up. Use a combination of zap, beep, and vibration.
Use the vibration alone as an alarm clock. Are you a deep sleeper?

Activate the zap. If the vibration doesn’t startle you awake, the zap will. Set this option such that the only way to turn off the alarm is to get out of bed and do something. Sleep tracking allows you to monitor your sleep quality and set light-sleep alarms.

Retrain your brain to wake up quietly when it’s time.

Buying Guide: Choosing a vibrating baby Monitors for deaf parents and Hearing Impaired?​​​​​

There are so many Baby monitors available in the market that it causes great confusion amongst Deaf Parents. Let’s remember the following criteria while selecting best baby monitor suitable for your baby.

I have listed all the factors with priority to deaf parents.

Vibrating Alarm Clock For Deaf

Any parent who has a hearing problem or deep sleeper must  choose vibrating alarm clock which operates through vibration. For sound impaired parents ,a baby monitor  has a vibrating pad that is usually placed under the pillow.

When it is time to wake up as per the time set by parents, the parent will feel the vibration. some clocks for deaf also  have additional lights flash.

There is no dearth of best vibrating alarm clocks for deaf parents available in the market. Some of the baby monitors with vibrating alarm clock need to be plugged in to operate while others are more practical and portable as they have rechargeable batteries so as to make the experience of monitoring baby more pleasurable.

Sound level indicators and vibrating alerts

Inorder to recognize the noise level in the children’s room,this essential feature should be in the parent’s device. Baby monitors that do not have this feature make it difficult for deaf parents to distinguish between crying children and simply playing. You need either have a vibration or sound level indicator or if possible both of them.

Video Display

Baby monitor with vibrating alert

Baby monitor with vibrating alert and video display

Parents with hearing impairments have always found video display option useful. Vibrating video baby monitor may be very costly but also useful when parents are not in the house. The visual images displayed on the parent unit of baby monitor are real-time images.

Lullabies and two way Communication

Whenever a sound or vibration indicator is shown, it indicates that that baby is crying and needs you closer to him. With this talk back intercom ,a baby can be comforted by playing tunes or lullabies.

With this two-way talkback intercom feature, a parent can talk to the baby and soothe him/her to sleep.

Vibrating Pad

A receiver is needed exclusively for vibrating pad that can be installed in the baby’s room.

You can put a vibrating pad or sometimes even a rod under the pillow. You will feel the vibration of the rod or the pad under the pillows, which means your baby is active and you can attend them.

Battery duration

To work and monitor your baby effectively, you need a powerful battery attached to the baby monitor . This means that you should choose a baby monitor that will last a long time on a single charge. Avoid baby monitors where the battery drains easily.

Batteries which are rechargeable

Since baby monitor and the handsets are most used devices. This means that they need to be charged or have power all through. If you have a device with rechargeable batteries, you may be saved from botheration of buying fresh batteries.

Signal range

A baby monitor with the strong signal strength is an ideal way to monitor your baby at home.

It is also important to consider how far the signal from the monitor will travel. Most baby monitors on the market have a signal range of 600 to 1,000 feet.

Temperature Monitoring

The temperature monitoring feature is another important aspect that must be considered while buying a baby monitor for Deaf parents. An ideal monitor will be one in which parents will be able to adjust temperature suitable for the baby.

Hands-Free Operating mode

For a Hassel-free experience, it is important that the baby monitor you select is completely hands-free or requires touch-less control to operate.

Wireless Network Features

The wireless network features is an important necessity for using baby monitors for the deaf. It helps you to connect easily with other devices, making it convenient to use.

How do deaf parents hear baby cry at night?

1. Alerts through Vibrations

Parents with hearing impairments often struggle with monitoring their baby since they can’t hear baby cries.

For all deaf parents and the hearing impaired, they must make use of an external vibrating pad which can be connected to the baby monitor and placed under the pillow of parents.

Making use of baby monitors with vibrating alerts is the best way to monitor your baby when you are away or fast asleep.

2. Extra-Loud Sound

The best feature of baby monitor for any deep sleepers will be something that offers an extra loud sound like an alarm clock with complete clarity and very low static as well as interference with volume adjusting feature in the nursery of the baby.

3. Alerts through Light

Light alerts are best ally of mothers with hearing impairments or heavy sleepers parents.

Whenever there is any sudden movement or the baby cries, the baby monitor built for the deaf will ensure relay lights that can awaken sleeping parents. The best combination will be light alerts and vibrating alarms.

4. A Combination Of Light, Vibration, And Sound

An amalgamation of light, vibration, and sound in a baby monitor is a perfect choice for Deaf parents and heavy sleepers. Now monitoring baby who is sleeping in a separate room is a cakewalk for Deaf parents and heavy sleepers.

Deaf parents need a combination of light and vibration only while for any heavy sleeper parent an extra-loud sound will be good option.

The Final Verdict-Baby Monitors with extra loud vibrations plays  an important role in Deaf Parents and Heavy Sleepers life in following 4 ways :-

Baby monitor for hearing impaired or Deaf Parents especially heavy sleepers can monitor their baby through a sense of touch and sight only.

Hence apart from sound alert, a vibrating baby monitor is specially designed in such a way that they are specialized with clear visual display and great vibration.

And if you are a heavy sleeper or deaf mother baby monitor make sure the extra loud baby monitor you select has a good inbuilt volume, that is it vibrates with extra loudness.


Vibrating Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents-an indispensable tool. Every parent especially new parents are most paranoid species of this world and as a new mom I can vouch for this that every parent learns from experiences and are always in a  lookout for best possible things that they can buy for their little munchkin especially something which is reliable and is from a trusted credible Brand.

It is indeed an indispensable tool that can help you capture all the moments in baby’s nursery. Its powerful alerts can alert even heavy sleepers.

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