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9 Best Baby walkers for tall babies [2022] – [New List]

Are you in search of getting one of the best baby walkers for tall babies?

The process of selecting walkers for big babies with extra pounds becomes a mess and time taking when your baby is blessed with height. Finding the optimum baby push walker for tall babies is like swimming across an endless ocean to find a gem, but we’ll be helping you throughout this task and giving you our full assistance and support.

Some babies are fortunate enough to be slightly taller than other babies. Sometimes, this fortune may result in a setback, like when you wish to buy bouncers for babies over 25 pounds or a multifunctional baby walker.

So, selecting a baby walker for a tall child becomes tedious for a novice new parent? Are you on a hunt to get a big baby walker for tall babies that won’t hurt the little toes while moving around? Then walk along with me.

walker for tall babies

Baby’s height measurement scale

Is round walker a right choice for a bigger baby?

Since the round baby walker comes with 8 swivel wheels, it becomes easier for longer babies to reach the floors and move in all directions with much less effort.

This round baby walker represents a slightly higher investment, yes, but it is also one of the best rated by its buyers. It is a really dynamic round baby walker with 6 wheels , the little ones can move in any direction , without getting stuck.

The materials of the round baby walker that you are seeing are completely safe and do not contain any type of substance that is harmful to the health of children. All the plastics that it incorporates are completely respectful and are free of BPA , or any other type of harmful substances.

This round baby walker is height adjustable and can be folded easily.

What kind of baby walkers to avoid for big babies?

Do we have a walker for heavy babies? A common argument among parents of bulky babies.

Looking at so many models of push behind mode walker for tall babies, every new parent gets into a dilemma as to which would be the best fit for my taller baby especially when my baby has a huge size compared to his peers.

If you happen to measure the height of walkers and they seem too low to the ground for your little one, then it’s obvious that you’ll want to avoid buying them.

Are push walkers for tall babies better than seated walkers?

The first kind of walker you should avoid is a set height model. These walkers have only one height and are not very practical for the growing infant, especially if she/he is quite long for their age.

This does not mean that baby walkers with height adjusting features would all be of the right choice. You need to avoid those adjustable baby walker whose highest setting would be lower than the one height baby walkers.

Most walkers are height adjustable, so how is a frustrated parent meant to determine a height-relevant walker for their child?

Is walker for taller babies different?

As mentioned above, the tall walkers are suitable for toddlers between 32 and 33 inches. Because they are taller, they are more likely to have maximum weight and height capacities.

Are there baby walkers for babies over 25 lbs is a common question among parents of taller children.

Taller babies weigh around 20 pounds and maximum it can go up to 40 pounds. In their first year of life, so your walker should be strong enough to support that extra weight.

The walker for taller babies are almost the same as their standard counterparts. The only difference is the maximum height capacity they can accommodate.

So, for taller babies you should get walker that are designed for extra tall kids weighing up to 40 pounds.

List of Best baby walker for tall babies in 2022 {just updated}

9 Best Baby Walker For Tall Babies in 2022

Below mentioned are some of our top picks with the detailed review and description. We have gone through all the parameters in mind for a bigger baby to move around with a walker before listing them all out. This list contains the complete information that a buyer would like to go through before making the final choice. Leaving you here with the best ones our choice hoping that they soon become your favourite too.

Joovy spoon walker for tall baby

Joovy spoon walker are one of the favorite toys for parents and children. It has an ultra-modern, simple, and elegant design. Basically, it is a high chair combined with a walker to give children the best experience of sitting and walking.

Parents who have used joovy spoon walker says that it is sky high and a best fit for tall babies.

It is equipped with a large tray that provides a good surface for feeding babies or other activities. The very high rear seat cushion supports the seat and is machine washable. The walker is designed with a wide base, with very large durable wheels and step brake pads.

Charcoal white and gray are soothing and pleasant, but not too exciting for the baby.

It is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. While this device looks more like a very large walker, it can be folded down easily for easy storage and travel. With large wheels, your child should be able to move well on different floor surfaces such as carpets and rugs. If your baby’s play area is mostly carpet, look for push walkers because they generally have large walker wheels that roll well on carpets.


  • Oversized removable tray, dishwasher safe
  • Foldable and foldable
  • Three height adjustments make it the best fit for taller babies.
  • Extra-wide base with large heavy-duty wheels and non-slip ladder pads
  • Supportive and comfortable padding, easy to machine wash.

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A great choice for tall babies.Recommended maximum child weight: 30 pounds
Simple, elegant, and beautiful.Maximum recommended height: 33.5 inches
No fun toys.
Height adjustment is controlled by a light rectangular button.
Folds down for easy storage and transportation

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker

Why einstein baby walker is best suited for a taller kid?

Baby Einstein Activity Walker contains music, colors, and instruments to entertain children. The elliptical frame offers your child a stable stage for musical performance.

The availability of three height positions makes it easier for big babies to adjust according to their height. The toys are based on music that inspires multisensory play.

This walker introduces your child to music, colors, and instruments in multiple languages.
A removable play station can be used to play on the floor.
The high backrest provides additional comfort as they explore things around on two legs.
The seat cushion is machine washable.

Easy to assemble.Doesn’t have swiveling back wheels.
Sturdy and stable design
Rolls well on carpet floors

Safety Ist dino sounds

This baby walker has a dinosaur park-themed toy tray that includes 5 dinosaur toys with playful sounds, music, and fun features to help children develop fine motor skills.

These toys are designed to help children develop early developmental skills while having fun while walking. Dino Sounds’ n Lights Discovery Baby Walker is certified as Level 1 Safety Walker for longer babies.

The toy tray consists of two trays taken out to give children a large area for snacks or play. Babies can sit easily because of the soft, machine-washable seat if a mess happens while eating.

The walker grows easily with your baby and you can easily adjust walker heights for tall babies, as it offers three height adjustments.

There is no design issue if you want to fold it for storage or transport.


  • Fun and entertaining toys
  • Interactive learning includes fun dinosaur toys, sounds, and music.
  • Comfortable, soft, machine-washable seat
  • The toy trays fold back to form a large snack/food tray.
  • Three height adjustments
  • Best baby walker for tall babies
Interactive toys help develop early development skills.The weight of the baby should not exceed 30.9 pounds.
Bright and pleasant colors.
The walker has adjustable height positions and grows with the longer child.
The toy tray can be taken out to provide a large area for activity or play.
Easily foldable.

Bright starts 3 ways to play walker

This baby walker supports three game modes at the same time. It can be transformed into normal walking, reverse walking and simple walking, without support for the toy car.

The toy car tray is equipped with a steering wheel, lights, and sound to stimulate children’s interactive learning. This walker can be used for two children at the same time.

One can use a regular walker and the other child can use the rear push mode.

To convert the car hood into push mode, simply raise your arm and the basket can be used in push mode. Walkers are equipped with a soft seat with high back.

The seat is comfortable and easy to disassemble for proper washing in the washing machine. You can also rent a game station on the steering wheel for floor play.


  • Three ways to play different modes.
  • Car toy tray.
  • Ford car with toys, including a steering wheel, gearbox, sounds, lights, and music.
  • Available in pink, white, and red.
  • Three different growing positions grow with the child.
Fun and interactive educational toys.Requires batteries to run sounds and lights.
Detachable car toy tray.Recommended maximum weight: 26 lb.
Two children can play at the same time.
The normal walker can enter push-back mode.
Convenient, car washable detachable car seat.
The detachable steering wheel is best for playing on the floor.

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Bright Starts 3 Ways To Play Walker- Car baby walker for bigger babies

This is a specially designed car walker that is ideal for tall babies specially boys as this offers three height adjustments according to the height of your child.

Also, it acts as a jumper and bouncer as it has a built-in lock and you just need to lock it to entertain the child in the jumper. For learning and interactive play, it has car hooded play tray , steering wheel, two toy fans, lights, sounds and music.

The toy tray is easy to place and can be taken out for snacks or lunch, and offers ample space for children. All of these activities help develop strong cognitive skills in children.

The theme of the car is so surprising that children play driving a car and thus learn to turn the steering wheel, thus developing their motor skills. Sounds and music are great sources for developing listening skills.

You can see it as a complete activity center where your child will never get bored.


  • 3 in 1 activity center.
  • Car themed toy tray.
  • Interactive toys including steering wheel, fans, music, sounds.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Removable toy tray.
  • Removable padded seat, machine washable.
Interactive automotive entertainment center.Requires 2 AA batteries.
Suitable for tall babies with three height adjustments.Recommended maximum weight: 30 pounds.
Comfortable soft chair.
Detachable interactive toy tray with attractive features.
The toy tray can be removed to create a simple snack / lunch tray.
Easy to clean.

YLANGYI Foldable Activity Baby Walker for Boys and Girls, Multi-Function Anti-Rollover Toddler Walker Helper with Adjustable Height for Baby 6-18Months

If your baby is carry extra kilos of weight compared to their peers, then Yu Ken adjustable Height Baby Walker would be the perfect choice as recent buyers feel this walkers has the strength of accomodating heavier babies.

This walker is constructed with the intention of accomodating large sized babies and many parents who got this find it easier for their little one to move around without much effort because of the extra wheels attached to it compared to the regular walker.

This walking toy is unique with its round shape and eight sturdy wheels. The wheels are oversized and can rotate 360 ​​degrees to provide a smooth ride without blistering. The design offers four-seat height adjustments and five walker adjustments, so growing with your baby is the best option for tall babies.

The material used in this construction is BPA-free polypropylene plastic, which is heat resistant up to 120 degrees.

If you are a parent looking for walkers for heavier babies then this walker can have extra kilos too! This is one of the best baby walker suitable for heavier and taller babies.

This circular baby walker with 4 swivel wheels is highly recommended for babies up to 45 kg, as the legs are made of stainless steel, which makes the whole structure strong and stable.


  • Rounded design with powerful multi-directional wheels
  • Loud and peaceful
  • Wide tray for spacious activities
  • Comfortable upholstered armchair with height-adjustable backrest
  • Five heights
  • Walker adjustment and four backrest height adjustments.
  • Eco-friendly material with high-temperature resistance.
  • Foldable and foldable.
Suitable for taller babies up to 45 pounds.No toys on display.
Upholstered chair, machine washable, soft and breathable, comfortable.
Large wheels and round shape make it easy for kids to turn around.
Height adjustment allows the walker to grow with your baby.
Simple and elegant.

Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker

If you wish to provide some type of entertainment along with the fun of roaming around the house freely, this music and lights walker is truly amazing.

Featuring Disney Garden Delight and Minnie Mouse designs, this adjustable Disney baby walker features a wide, highly stable base and three different height settings best suited for tall babies.
It is best for your child.

With four fun toys with a Minnie Mouse theme, this walker contains a music module that plays 12 different songs.

The sturdy wheels work well on floors and carpets and grip strips help reduce movement on uneven surfaces.

It is easy to clean and a machine-washable padded seat. The snack tray can be cleaned quickly and easily. The walker can be easily folded for storage and travel.

It is advisable for children in age groups of 0-48 months.

Sturdy and well built.A toy on top doesn’t stay snapped inside the hole.
Good quality.
The Padded seat is machine washable.
Snack tray included.

KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker that can carry upto 40 pounds

The KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker is car themed adventours baby walker! Your kid will love making those initial steps and explore.
This walker is highly secure as it strapps your baby into the ultra-comfortable
and super-sleek security harness.

The Batman Baby Activity Walker is a perfect fit for bigger babies that has two and one functionality.
It acts as both baby walker and jumper. The entertainment you child would get is remarkable.

If you have a boy child, he would truly love manual actions such as the steering wheel spinning just like a car.
The rearview mirrors, actually has the mirror material inside giving the child the real feeling of a car.
So it’s nice to actually see that attention.

As this walker provides an extra functionality of a jumper along with walker, playing with this baby walker in small spaces becomes difficult.

Attachments are machine washable.The rear view mirrors color is blue
Walker can be collapsed and folded for easy storage under the bed.
Good for 6 to 18 months old babies that weigh up to 26lbs

Buying Guide- How to pick the best baby walkers for tall babies?

Today, parents generally have plenty to choose from. First, select the model, whether you need a seated or a push walker. This will narrow your selection area and again choose those baby walkers which come with height adjustments. However, keep in mind that not all walkers are built to work effectively with taller children who carry extra pounds and inches with them.

When purchasing a baby walker for your taller kid, carefully consider the maximum height capacity and weight of the baby walker. The ideal choice is 32-33 inches and 20-30 pounds height and weight respectively.

Keeping these features in mind, you can select a baby walker that can roll well on the type of flooring you wish to use. You can either get a baby walker with big wheels for carpet or a push walker with resistance so that it can roll well on hardwood without tipping over.


Many people might think that the price is not important. However, this should always be taken into account when purchasing a product. This is important not only to the budget that each user can have but also to the cost of the money that the product can have.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to check whether the cost of the product is within the budget, and its properties are sufficient for an investment of this size.


There are many types of walkers on the market, so you need to be careful with the design. Some options have seats so that you can rest easily when your child is tired of walking around the house. This trait positively influences his height and allows him to decide when to continue and when to sit and watch.

On the other hand, there are baby walkers without a seat who work when a toddler pushes them. It depends on your choice, whether you want your child to be safe in a boundary or should use it freely because it can leave when the child is tired or bored.


The baby walker you choose should be stable as it is a walking training product. Remember that your child is at a vulnerable stage in his life. So he needs a place to charge and move. For this reason, it is recommended that you carefully examine the material and construction of the rollator to make sure that it is strong, durable, and provides stability during your child’s first steps.

Wheels and brakes

Wheels and walking aid go hand in hand. This way your child can move. However, it is recommended that you compare baby walkers by their types and decide which one is best for you. In general, choose the wheel that best suits your needs, as opposed to silicone wheels, where plastic wheels are very noisy and tend to reduce product noise.

The brakes are another aspect to check. For safety reasons, many pedestrians use brakes and wheel locks to prevent accidents. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are in the model that you are considering purchasing. So you can keep your baby in place when you need it.


To stimulate the development of the child, most baby walkers have a colorful activity center. This function makes the product more attractive and helps your child to play and enjoy it.

With that in mind, you need to think about what type of activity you prefer. Some of the features that you can find are moving parts, sounds and music that will make your child a fun and engaging learning experience all day long.

It is also important to know that there may be fewer conversions for children than for a cheaper walker.


It is important to choose a walker that has a seat that can be adjusted to fit your child’s height. This will allow you to adjust to your size and improve your child’s comfort when using. There are several options on the market with padded seats for added comfort, many of which have extremely colorful prints that add to kid’s appeal.


The best walker’s buying guide shouldn’t forget to clean it. Remember that hygiene is important for all factors related to the baby. Therefore, it is advisable to buy items that are easy to wash. This will keep your child clean and free from debris. Your pedestrians. Choose removable plastic or fabric items for improved cleaning.

Wooden baby walkers are eco-friendly and toxic free.


Size is an important factor for a best walker. There are two main reasons: available space and ease of management.

You should know how the best walker for short baby differs from taller baby walkers.

The available space depends on the condition of your home and whether you have room to move your baby. On the contrary, because the house is small, we need best walker for small space. In addition, thanks to the ease of use, children can move around freely.

Additionally, the product may not be light enough to affect the stability or heavy enough to make movement difficult.

Also, take into account the type of flooring your baby would be moving on walkers on most of the time. Go for push walkers for carpet floors and walkers with rubber wheels for hardwood.


Do baby walkers for tall babies come in different heights?

Most baby walkers offer height settings. However, there are baby walkers that come with only a single height without any adjustable heights.

So, if you are looking for a baby walker for your taller baby, this is one of the features you should look for as taller babies tend to grow off size faster.

What age is best for a baby walker?

The best time for the baby to use the walker is to be decided by the baby itself. When the baby is able to sit upright with the support they can go for a seated walker. However, for using pushback walkers, your baby should be able to stand with support and it takes on an average 11 months.

They allow the child who is not yet walking to move without falling, quickly and effortlessly. 

To summarize:

They can be used between six and 15 months and, in any case, not after 18 months. 
If you decide to buy a walker for your baby, keep in mind that it should be used sparingly and only sporadically.

What height should a baby walker be?

The seat must be adjustable height positions so that the baby’s feet reach the ground perfectly and do not walk on little toes.
The width must be adequate to circulate through doors and corridors without colliding with the frames or walls. 
It is also recommended that it can be folded.
If you have stairs or unevenness in your home, choose a model that includes 
automatic blocking before the steps, to prevent falls.
Finally, keep in mind that with a walker, your little one will be able to reach places and heights that were previously out of reach. 
So you should supervise him to prevent accidents, just like when he starts walking.

Are baby walkers good for infants?

The walker is a seat protected by a handrail and supported on legs with wheels, that allows the baby to sit or walk partially seated, without the danger of falling. 
Its purpose was to help and encourage the baby to take its first steps independently.

However, there are a lot of controversies regarding baby walkers, which you need to know before getting one for your child.

Is it ok to put a 6-month-old baby in a walker?

Walkers are generally designed for babies 4 to 16 months old.

But, not all walkers are designed in a unique fashion.

Therefore, it is advised into the age requirement specified in the product description. It is mostly seated walkers that go well for 6 months old baby because in order to use a push walker your baby should be able to stand with support which takes time.

Also, for the child to be able to use the walker, they must be able to hold their head fairly evenly and touch the ground with their feet when placed in the walker.

Which is better, walker or ride-on?

As two elements are different from each other, they cannot be compared objectively. 

This is mainly due to the fact that walkers are elements that are used to promote muscle development in infants, which can help them maintain an upright position and learn to walk more easily and fluently, while walkers are mostly items dedicated to children. that already have the ability to move, serving as a foundation to improve stability and provide support.

However, both products can be used by babies who do not yet know how to walk, and it is recommended that both ride-on and walkers be kept under strict adult supervision. Also since taller babies are heavier than the peers so select the walkers which can accommodate their weight and height.

Is it advisable to buy a walker and activity center?

Today, most walkers incorporate an activity center, making them versatile products due to their two-in-one design. 
Likewise, other products for babies have been given the task of integrating these activity centers, in such a way that it is much more attractive for both parents and children.
However, an activity center can be a good option for parents who do not want to include walkers in their children’s lives or who choose to use them before the time indicated for their use, so their individual purchase may be very appropriate. .
Also, consider that an individual activity center can serve to distract your baby in those moments that you cannot keep him moving around your house.

How long to use the baby walker?

A walker is a tool that many parents use to distract their children and promote muscle development. 
However, there comes a time when it must be put aside, depending on the development of the infant.
As for the appropriate age to leave, there is no set date, this being the decision of each parent. 
What is recommended is not to continue its use after the little one learns to walk or when his weight does not allow him to use it for longer.

Is baby walker a necessity?

The ‘why’ to buy anything is the first big question that should be asked. Addressing the necessary need for a baby walker is important both for biological and informative purposes

As we all know that the bones and the muscles in a baby’s body are quite fragile and liable to any kind of injury dues to a tremendous amount of sudden pressure that might not be much when compared to adult standards but is definitely vast when it comes to the gentle body of the baby.

As we all know that the bones and the muscles in a baby’s body are quite fragile and liable to any kind of injury due to a tremendous amount of sudden pressure that might not be much when compared to adult standards but is definitely vast when it comes to the gentle body of the baby.

In the meantime, the muscles and bones supporting the feet grow strong enough to support the weight of the entire body.
In this prospect baby walkers are not just any fashionable toy thing but a top gadget that helps give support while making those initial steps.

When to buy a baby walker for a big baby?

Since bigger babies carry extra pounds with them unlike shorter ones. Baby walker for a tall height kid can be bought as soon as the baby learns to sit upright with necks supported. The next big step is that of gaining stability and ultimately to walk.
So, always check the height adjusting models, so that the walker doesn’t grow out faster as growth rate in taller children would be a little faster.

If we give you a more precise figure then after 6 months a baby walker can be useful for any baby to learn walking.

How is a baby walker for a taller baby designed?

Baby walker for taller babies are designed to make enough space for toddlers who can reach 32 to 33 inches. These walkers can accommodate the additional height of children who are taller than the average kids so that they can comfortably push and pull the walker.
But, some parents still find their bubs a little short on some of the 33″-35″ inch walkers. This again is why you need a adjustable height positions baby walker model if you want to really maximize the use of the walker so that the baby does not grow out soon.
Baby walker for big babies are walking aids designed with extra height for larger babies in mind. On average the height of babies from six months to a year is 26 to 29 inches.

Working mechanism of baby walker for tall babies?

Baby walker for children have the maximum capacity for weight and height capacity. These walkers rely on a higher height to effectively fill those extra inches of their height so that they can slide without bending their knees too much.
We can rely on these walkers as these are built with all safety standards and they help our kids to explore their little realms at home.
However, it is advisable for parents to avoid using walkers with their babies for more than 1 to 2 hours a day.

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