Evan Ellingson , former child star of My Sister’s Keeper and CSI: Miami , dies at age 35 under still unknown circumstances.

Evan Ellingson, who participated in films like My Sister’s Keeper and series like  CSI: Miami , died  this Sunday at the age of 35. The circumstances of his death are still unclear.

The former actor, who had not appeared on screen in more than a decade, died at his home in San Bernardino County, according to TMZ . His body was found in his room. Authorities report that, for now, there does not appear to be a crime involved.

Evan‘s father, Michael, told the portal that his son was found in a halfway house. He said he had struggled with drugs in the past, but was improving lately, and his sudden passing was a complete shock to the family.

Evan Ellingson’s career

Ellingson is remembered for his role alongside Cameron Diaz , playing her teenage son in My Sister’s Keeper  in 2009. He was also recognized for his recurring role as Kyle Harmon on  CSI: Miami , in which he starred in a total of 18 episodes over three years.

The late actor got his start in show business at age 13 with a small role in a television movie and a guest appearance on  General Hospital . From there, Ellingson continued acting on shows like  Titus , That Was Then, Mad TV, Complete Savages, Bones, 24,  and others.

The young star also appeared in several films, such as  Walk the Talk, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Bondage, Confession, Rules of the Game, Time Changer, The Gristle and more.