Whatsapp status [2020]-Don’t miss the funny statuses

If you are looking for free WhatsApp status 2020, then you have arrived at the right place for it. I have a complete list of sad, happy, funny and short Whatsapp status for you.

whatsapp status

Here you will be able to find the best, the most beautiful and the most original ones you have ever been able to find in order to update in a beautiful and original way the status of your WhatsApp profile and that your contacts can see them every time they visit your profile.

In this section, I have a list of very beautiful statuses for you, of different categories, from status of love to the status of the funniest. In summary, an endless number of novel status that I wanted to give you so that you can enjoy and share with your loved ones. So do not wait any longer and enjoy these phrases for WhatsApp in 2020.


What is WhatsApp status and who can see it?

WhatsApp statuses allow you to share images, videos and animated GIF files, with the peculiarity that the content will have an expiration date of 24 hours from its publication. Therefore, no photo, video or animation you launch will be saved, nor will it appear in a timeline of your profile, as it happens on Instagram. These status updates can be seen by the contacts in your phone’s calendar.

Whatsapp status download

Steps to save WhatsApp status photos/videos.

  • Step 1: Select the status which you desire to save. A temporary copy of the photo is created in the phone’s storage.
  • Step 2:Open File Manager app, select Files-> File Manager->Solid Explorer; etc.
  • Step 3: You have to enable “Show hidden files” which is disabled by default. To do this open the settings of your file manager and set it to show hidden files.
  • Search for the WhatsApp folder – Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses.
  • Copy the photos/videos which you want to save.
  • Paste them into a different folder.

Done! You are good to go.

Copied photos or videos are now stored on your phone until manually deleted. You can access any time later as per your requirement by simply opening the folder where it was copied to and reuse it!

Here is a video you can watch and get to know how to download Whatsapp status.

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Cool status for WhatsApp

As many people today prefer to change their status continuously.

In this section, I have prepared a large number of phrases for WhatsApp status with which you can continuously update your status for all your WhatsApp contacts to see. Let’s start by heating up with these 20 cool phrases:

  • Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I always learn from it.
  • Looking for why I love you so much, although I don’t care as much as you do.
  • If you believe in it, you are not close to achieving it, you have achieved it.
  • I have never tried to remember you again, because I never forgot you.
  • Sometimes I love to pretend I don’t know anything, so I can know how far they can lie to me.
  • A love is an unsigned contract of two I love you and one forever.
  • Those who talk about everything are the ones who don’t really understand anything.
  • Today, whatever happens, nothing can stop us.
  • Fight towards your goals, they never arrived effortlessly.
  • You can force me to love you, or let me love you for myself.
  • Remember that the longest path is the most profitable.
  • Welcome love, he will say goodbye to your sadness.
  • Willing to make everything, except decisions.
  • That the past does not prevent enjoying the present, which will make me happy in the future.
  • It is your decisions that write the book of your life.
  • Without thinking of yesterday, I improvise the present, because the future will always be uncertain.
  • Love me until you fall asleep, then dream me.
  • If love doesn’t knock on your door, it may still not update the gps.
  • I am still the same as always, but with lessons learned.
  • Thank you Happiness for introducing me to Pride, Desamor is now jealous.

Did you like the previous phrases?

 Well, if it is an affirmative answer, I must tell you to continue reading since we have many more statuses and phrases for WhatsApp that I am sure you will like and you will be able to have it constantly updated. Now I leave you 25 beautiful and original states for you, choose the one you like best and update your status right now.

Beautiful status for Whatsapp

  • I want more than what you offer me.
  • If you doubt, you die.
  • I bet my life, we will love each other forever.
  • Eager to eat the world, hungry for happiness.
  • If you see love, tell him that my waiting cannot be eternal.
  • A new life begins with each awakening, create yours.
  • Let me come into your life, improvising will make you happy, I promise.
  • I want reasons to keep believing you, if not, I make them up.
  • I am looking for an adjective to let you know that your love is …
  • With my happiness of partying, celebrating your friendship.
  • If you dream of being someone, wake up and achieve it.
  • The best I love you are the ones that are proven.
  • I made a verse for the moon that I got angry at night.
  • I feel dwarfed, compared to your kindness.
  • Being honest, I do nothing but lie.
  • Love, a thousand times want, millions of times kill or die for you.
  • You want only who makes you laugh, crying can make you anyone.
  • Tomorrow I start the diet … I know it sounds clichéd, but I don’t believe it either.
  • A toast to all singles we wish we never toast to again.
  • Loneliness is the greatest pain that no medicine can heal.
  • That when I don’t tell you I LOVE YOU , I still feel it.
  • The obstacles come alone, the limits are set by you.
  • I am one of the best states for WhatsApp, when not, the best.
  • If you never want to be disappointed by anyone, never expect anything from anyone.
  • Laughing thanks to love, who plays with me everywhere.

We continue with the beautiful status for WhatsApp and this time I leave you with a slightly more extensive list than the previous ones, with 43 phrases to put WhatsApp status totally original. Remember to copy and paste in your profile to always have it updated.

Beautiful WhatsApp status quotes in English

  • You can create the best plans for your future, but the best ones will be improvised.
  • Stomping in this world, trying to make a mark.
  • I’m very hungry, today I’m going to eat the world.
  • Today I will be a good person, I will not get up early, so that God helps another person.
  • Only when it is forever, can you call me friend.
  • Looking for states worthy of being read by your beautiful eyes.
  • Now that my mouth and my body tell you what my words are silent.
  • Now that you are my why, I don’t care how I will make you happy.
  • While you curse your life, I make mine festive.
  • Pessimism aside, dodging sorrows, and being happier than ever.
  • Stealing Wi-Fi from the neighbor. If you are the neighbor, stop changing the password.
  • Leave the nest still, and don’t touch my eggs.
  • Pessimistic woman is looking for a man to… pufff surely she doesn’t even read this ad.
  • Pride separates more than distance itself.
  • Pride for her, or her for pride.
  • Suffering the day off, doing that of suffering for doing nothing.
  • Getting up early, with a little annoying genius, avoid getting angry.
  • Living my luck, living you, enjoying yourself, and being the happiest woman.
  • Does anyone know how to update this profile?
  • After a long experience in the sector, I can already say that I am new in this area.
  • Your happiness, mine, my happiness, yours, and vice versa.
  • Sighing and praying to live a life with you.
  • I will not return where I was hurt, do not expect my presence in you.
  • Being able to improve with every step I take, with every stumble I take.
  • If you expect nobody to disappoint you in your life, what you have to do is not expect anything from anyone.
  • Only when you stop searching, you will find what makes you happier.
  • For many beautiful plans you prepare, the best will always be improvised.
  • At every step I take I do it stomping, because only the strong ones leave their mark.
  • Love is the most beautiful feeling that I miss.
  • Whoever does not fight for his dreams, who does not cry when he does not achieve them.
  • Today I believe that I will let God help someone else, because I don’t want to get up early.
  • Let me accompany you forever, and only then will I be your best friend.
  • Luck is not expecting anything and finding you, luck is you, my greatest coincidence.

Finally, to finish this list of handsome status for WhatsApp, we leave you a list of more than 40 original phrases, but this does not end here, if you continue reading you can see status for the WhatsApp separated in different categories:

New love WhatsApp status

  • While you curse your life, I make mine a fun party.
  • They are the ones who envy you, those who wanted to be like you and did not succeed.
  • Stealing WI-FI passwords, if you were my neighbor, stop bugging me by changing the password.
  • The truth is that I don’t need you, nor does the compulsive need to lie to you.
  • You don’t want to touch my eggs, please leave me the nest still.
  • I’m not looking for reasons to love you, I have enough to love you for life.
  • Being proud separates more than the same distance could do.
  • Pessimistic person seeks the love of his life to … Pufff leave it, it would go wrong for sure.
  • I am one of those states that seek to bring a smile to those who read it, like you voyeur.
  • Today I was filled with oil, surely everything you think of me slips me.
  • I will stop loving you only if one day I lose my sanity.
  • I will not return where they hurt me, I will not return to you.
  • Life gives sticks, with them I plan to build a cabin to go to summer.
  • My hobby is dreaming about you when you don’t sleep next to me.
  • I am looking for a dog to accompany me, I am tired of false friendships.
  • No matter how, or why, I will always be with you.
  • Living my best luck, enjoying you.
  • I love that every day I can fall in love with you again.
  • I am not the strongest person in the world, but nobody would ever protect you more than me.
  • I love being the reason for your first smile of the day, the one that lasts 24 hours.
  • Does anyone know how I can put a status on my whatsapp?
  • Do you mind hugging me and if it is not too much to ask never let go?
  • Passing tests of destiny, making me strong in my walk.
  • I am the example of patience in the world, but I cannot expect anything good from you.
  • Knowing everything good and bad about me, you’re still by my side, and I love that.
  • Let me get closer to your lips slowly, I promise you won’t regret it.
  • I am able to fall in love in an instant, and to hate in less time.
  • The phrase I feel good is my most painful favorite lie.
  • Crying alone is perhaps the saddest thing you have ever experienced.
  • After meeting you, I could call a stop sign friend.
  • Only death can stop me in my mission of being happy without caring about anything else.
  • I admit being selfish, I admit loving you just for me.
  • I am one of those who get up early from Monday to Sunday.
  • Imagine, you, me, a horror movie, and your mother in the middle of the sofa.
  • You were the funniest thing in my life, until I knew about your false love you.
  • I thank God for giving me my life, for putting you in it.
  • If they ask about my happiness, tell them that you are the reason for their existence.
  • I can not, I do not want, I refuse if it is not with you.
  • If loving is sin, hell awaits me and you are the culprit.
  • You can come back for me, but you would never find me.

New love is mostly confusing, you can jump to my collection of 83 confused love status for WhatsApp/Facebook to share your confusing feeling to your loved one.

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Latest WhatsApp Status

Do you want to know the best phrases for WhatsApp? Then we recommend that you continue reading this article because you will find fabulous messages to place in your WhatsApp status. You will undoubtedly surprise and attract the attention of your friends with these great states!

  • A brother will not always be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother to me.
  • What are you doing seeing my status? Get yourself your own funny phrases for WhatsApp!
  • Hungry, wanting to eat the world.
  • Not even the distance is enough to make him feel less for you.
  • Watching life go by, watching fate position me in my position.
  • If you are able to not believe in your abilities, you will not achieve your claims.
  • The most beautiful mermaid would be envious of your natural beauty.
  • I seek states worthy of expressing all that I feel for you.
  • My WhatsApp misses the notifications of your messages.
  • Your lips are my greatest temptation, my desire to lose myself in them.
  • I don’t know how or why you are everything that I need to have to be very happy.
  • Work to live, do not live to work.
  • Live your dreams without fear, remember that life is one and we have to enjoy it to the fullest.
  • If you are reading this phrase, I want you to know that I love you very much and that you want important to me.
  • When I was little I dreamed of being big. Now that I’m big I don’t want to know anything!
  • What a pleasure it is to coincide with you in this life.
  • No state would be enough to describe how much I adore you!
  • Grandma, even if you don’t have WhatsApp, I want to express how important you are to me.
  • At first you stole a smile, but then you stole my heart.
  • Life teaches you who does, who does not, and who never again.
  • I always tell the truth, even if I’m lying.
  • With friends, our life will always be better, longer and more beautiful.
  • Always be humble, you never know when you will be on the other side.
  • Every time a notification rings on my cell phone, I’m looking forward to you.

WhatsApp status love

Now it’s time to write some beautiful status for the WhatsApp of love, without a doubt they are the best states for the WhatsApp since they make you express your feelings in a few words so that all your WhatsApp contacts know what you feel in each moment . Here we leave you about 10 love phrases for your state:

  • I want one of those kisses that make my lips miss you as much as I do.
  • I love you so much, I love you so much, that if I do it so much, sometimes I doubt if I do it well.
  • The most beautiful love story was ever written, as I am living it.
  • Call me good, call me bad, but call me. I need you.
  • What would I be without you?. It is a question that I hope I never want to know the answer to.
  • When I want to tell you the most, it is when with a kiss I shut up and tell you everything.
  • To choose, I choose a minute with you, a lifetime without you.
  • In love, living the most beautiful feeling I ever lived.
  • Bella, able to fall in love with the moon with just a smile.
  • While breathing, you can be sure that I will be loving you.

Are there no more WhatsApp status love?

And you may wonder, why are there so few states of love? As I explain, this article covers a bit all the categories we have of WhatsApp status, but if you want to have more love status, I recommend you enter our article of WhatsApp love status

Whatsapp status romance

  • I cannot promise to solve all your problems but I can only be sure that I will never leave you alone.
  • You are like a bright sun as your burning love can even make the stars disappear.
  • I love you. 1 second to say. 2 minutes to explain and a lifetime to prove it.
  • Love the one who makes his beautiful world.
  • Thinking of you is easy, do it every day. What is missing is the pain that does not go away.

In a romantic mood! Want more quotes for romantic love?

You can jump to my list of romantic love quotes

WhatsApp status sad

If you are sad, I would recommend that instead of putting a sad state for your WhatsApp , jump directly to the next section of funny states for WhatsApp and update your state better with joy, in this way you will show life who is boss and nothing It can make you sad, if you are still a bighead, here I leave you with 7 sad phrases for your state, but I hope you will listen to us and always go with a smile ahead.

  • My tears do not erase the memory of the past, nor drown my sorrows in the present.
  • Swallowing and saying a nothing happens, when in reality, you die inside.
  • Today the memories at your side attack me, I can hardly defend myself, because you were my defense against sadness.
  • Now it hurts more to have to forget the imagined future, than the lived past.
  • Crying hurts more, when you know that no tears will ever be rewarded.
  • Sometimes a person goes through your life to know that you don’t have to be like her.
  • How it hurts to write states for the WhatsApp, where I lie and pretend to be happy.

WhatsApp Status funny

If you really want some cool status for WhatsApp , this is the category that must reign in the WhatsApp status along with those of love, that’s why we have prepared this list of funny states for your WhatsApp so that when your contacts read it they can’t avoid laughing out loud.

  • Does anyone know how I can change status here?
  • I don’t want to wish you anything bad in this life, living with that face is enough punishment already.
  • Nobody in this life is perfect, by the way, I introduce myself, I am Nobody.
  • Will you let me drink and excuse myself from doing everything I want to do with you for it?
  • Learning to steal, my dream is to be a politician.
  • I have meaningless WhatsApp status, thanks.
  • I have to go to my eye doctor, but I never see the moment.
  • Studying the formula of being happy without you … Fiestaaaaa.
  • Sorry to be so honest, but it usually happens to me with the one I hate the most.
  • The interior is what counts, a proverb of a non-beautiful person.
  • The 5 days after the weekend are the worst.
  • What a pleasure to get home and throw shoes at the end of the world.
  • If the world is a handkerchief, I ask myself, what are we? Snot?
  • Hello and goodbye, that matters to me.
  • I don’t think you’re stupid, I think you’re different from a smart person.
  • Last night I dreamed of you and today I drink a liter and a half of coffee a day.
  • To the world, I get dizzy!
  • You are the reason why I would like to be blind.
  • I look for you in bars and while I wait I drink, so don’t call me drunk.
  • I swear on my future children that I will never be a father.
  • Life is beautiful, what makes it ugly is your presence.

Have you been wanting more funny states? Then visit our section of the web with funny states for WhatsApp where you have many more to vary.

WhatsApp Status life

In this life you have to be strong and get up with every stumble you have, that is why, here we leave some phrases for your WhatsApp status of life in general, in this way you can brighten the day of the person who reads these states in your profile:

  • Give each new day a chance to be the best day of your life.
  • May you be so happy, doubt whether you dream or live.
  • That when I step back, I will be gaining strength to make a great leap.
  • When you delete someone or something from your life, let it be to write better things.
  • If life is a problem, I will add joys and subtract sadness.
  • Make love to life, to die in orgasm.
  • May my states for WhatsApp brighten your day, brighten your life.

Whatsapp status attitude

Selecting an attitude status for your Whatsapp will declare one’s personality.

  • An ugly personality destroy a pretty face.
  • I don’t need to explain why, I know that I am right.
  • If people are trying to bring you down ” … It just means that you are ‘above’.
  • People are like ‘Music’ some say that ‘Truth’ and the rest, just noise …
  • When you care for someone, their happiness matters more than yours … !!
  • Beauty is like the moon, it looks much better at night …
  • The greatest pleasure in life is doing things, people who say that you cannot
  • The only disability in life is a bad attitude.
  • Life will give you exactly what you need, not what you want.
  • The biggest slap on your enemies is their success.

Short status for WhatsApp

If you are one of those lazy WhatsApp users, who do not like to be writing for a long time, or like to have some concrete and short status for whatsapp.

Here are some that will serve you, we have the short status of the theme of love, friendship, and laughter. To start we leave you a varied list with some status to put in WhatsApp as short statuses.

  • The only thing I don’t like about you is that you don’t wake up next to me.
  • Tired of blue princes, I prefer to try green ones.
  • You think I live in the clouds, but the ground is full of clowns.
  • I got drunk to forget you, now I see you double.
  • If I remember you? No, not that you were the password for my email.
  • Better late, than early catches me sleeping.
  • Does anyone know how to update the states for WhatsApp ?.
  • If friendship were gold, I would have the greatest treasure thanks to you.
  • You, who know everything about me, and are always by my side.
  • Let me get close to your lips, I promise to fall in love.
  • One more drink, or one less drink, tonight I’m yours.
  • Pick me up and take me where we can never go back.
  • I’d rather die alone, than live with your falsehood.
  • I look for reasons, I give sadness, I just want to smile again.
  • The phrase I’m fine, is the biggest lie written by me.
  • You: Past, present and my always, love.
  • My love is the desire, to be who I am, when I am with you.
  • Now it is always, never leave my side.
  • Looking for snakes that are more faithful than you.
  • Living alone, looking for happiness to marry her.
  • If you care so much about my profile, why don’t you get it tattooed?
  • My most faithful friend is no more than me, and walks on 4 legs.
  • If life gives you sticks, buy stringer and net, and become a goalkeeper.
  • Sleeping, looking for dreams that last 24 hours.
  • If I told you the truth, I think I’d be lying to you.
  • Thanks for existing, but you can go now.
  • Spreading with your eyes, you gain a lot without clothes.
  • Waiting for the world to stop, I want to get off.
  • Smiling, if you tried it, you would like it.
  • I don’t have enough courage to face a farewell.
  • Why don’t my tears erase the sadness from my face?

Short Whatsapp status love

  • I am the most selfish being, because I only want you for myself.
  • Nothing if it’s not with you, never if it’s without you.
  • I love you from your mouth, it will never stop making me happy.
  • It is forbidden to smile at me, because you fall in love.
  • Crying silently, needing you screaming.
  • Distance is the excuse, distrust is the reason.
  • Trying to invent states for WhatsApp that are not love.

Short Whatsapp status friendship

  • Friends are that family that you can choose in your life.
  • A friend criticizes you face to face, and likewise defends you behind your back.
  • He wants whoever loves you, not the one who only excites you.
  • When I’m older and you’re still by my side, then I’ll call you friend.
  • If there is only one true friend in life, I will look no further.
  • A friend is the one who is in the good, but especially in the bad.
  • You don’t have to call yourself the same as me, to feel brother.

Short Whatsapp status funny

Are you in a mood of amusing someone with laughter by posting a funny Whatsapp status, then here we go.

  • If they paid to sleep, I wouldn’t enjoy my fortune for staying asleep.
  • They say that studying bears fruit, because apple trees study.
  • Get out of there, don’t jump, I’ve horned you, not wings.
  • Life is that time of happens while Android is updated.
  • I am tired, with 2 vacations, 6 months a year I solve it.
  • Unemployed, I am looking for a job as a hairdresser of skulls.
  • Status for WhatsApp is looking for a smiling person to get an easy smile.

Short phrases for Whatsapp status

  • Time gives you the options, but you make the decisions.
  • The happiness of your day depends on the quality of your thoughts.
  • You are not what you achieve, you are what you overcome.
  • When you feel like you’re going to give up, think about why you started.
  • If everything doesn’t matter, you’re doing the wrong accounts.
  • The bad news is that time flies, the good news is that you are the pilot.
  • If I live in the clouds, it is because the ground is full of idiots.
  • If a memory hurts, forgetfulness heals you.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams, keep sleeping.
  • Sometimes smiles on the outside indicate battles on the inside.
  • Maybe what had to happen … happened.
  • Every day is a new opportunity, thanks.
  • Let everything that makes you happy become infinite.
  • It does not shine by extinguishing others.
  • I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way.

The best phrases for original WhatsApp status you can choose here, we are sure that you will love some of them.

Short Whatsapp captions

  • Pretend it doesn’t hurt, it hurts twice as much.
  • Life is short! Whatsapp faster …
  • Whoever judges my way, I lend my shoes.
  • If I live in the clouds, it’s because the earth is full of fools.
  • Colorín Colorado, are you stupid or retarded?
  • I do not wish you bad, with that face they fucked you enough.
  • I’m bad taking care of animals, that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend.
  • Live the story you want to tell.
  • To criticize my defects, it will not diminish yours.
  • I love you … but far away.
  • They smile for life, not just for the photo.
  • Today, whatever happens, no one can stop me.
  • The art of life is to be happy with little.
  • Stars can not shine without darkness.
  • If they speak badly about you, you are doing something right
  • He who did not want when he could, will not be able to when he wants.
  • No matter the color of the sky, who makes the day beautiful is you.

Whatsapp Status Images

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