What does a woman want in a man in a relationship

Regardless of the type of woman or her character, age or style, absolutely everyone values ​​10 aspects in her relationship with a man. Do you know which ones they are? I am going to remind you of those important aspects of what a woman searches in a man.

Having things clear from the beginning will not separate you from the romance or spontaneity that should accompany any lasting love relationships

On the contrary, knowing what you want, how you expect to be treated by your partner and the virtues that you value in a man, before knowing him, will take you directly to the indicated one.

That man who is willing and knows what the engagement ring you always dreamed of.

The painful and unfortunate waste of time is not necessary.

Drifting is like wanting a white wedding dress, but going around for months trying on red evening dresses.

Do you imagine? Not true.

To facilitate the task we have summarized the 10 basic aspects that every woman, in search of true love, will value in a relationship. We are sure you want to know what they are and use them as a guide in the most important decision of your life.

What kind of men do women like?

A woman has a list of things set in her mind which she always looks for in a man. Here is a list of

10 things a woman needs from men.

1. Respect

The phrase says, “respects keep respects. ”

When women try to find ways of how to be a better wife, the first thing which is commonly asked is “Do you respect your partner?

If there is something that you have every right to demand before thinking about love, it is respect. That they raise your voice, your hand or they despise you or make fun of you, you can never admit!

woman and man relationship

2. Loyalty

When you decide to enter into a relationship, you agree to have exclusivity towards the other.

You don’t need to have a gold engagement ring, to start being loyal.

That means keeping fidelity, trust, perseverance towards the loved one. Unless of course, whether it is an open relationship, you have every right to give and demand loyalty.

3. The values

A man who does not cultivate or possess good values ​​can never be a good partner.

If he does not respect others if he is not honest, empathetic, patient, grateful, humble, responsible, generous or does not know how to forgive.

If you do not respect family or emotional ties such as friendship, you will lack a solid foundation where you can build your relationship and every woman intuits it.

man and women marriage dreams

4. That knows how to communicate

He may seem good people and quite handsome, but if he doesn’t know how to communicate, they can hardly go far in a relationship and she knows it. Communication is another of the pillars of every healthy relationship. It implies listening, respect, interest, being open to the other, so that trust is cultivated and there is feedback. Monologues are always infertile.

5. Trust

A woman wants to trust her partner. Having a shoulder to lean on when everything seems dark, in the same way, men hope to reach that point where trust is one of the virtues of their relationship.

man and women relationship

6. The complicity

Get to know each other to such an extent that with one glance they can say something or communicate. Know in advance that these models of marriage parties do not go, even if the provider is very friendly. They are true accomplices to the rest. The words remain because he knows you and you know him. Every woman loves to reach that level of complicity.

7. Maintain admiration

When a relationship begins, admiration for the other is at its highest level. It may be due to expectations of the unknown and an overdose of illusion. But as a couple that feeling must be maintained. This is cultivated with personal or common goals, such as your marriage on the beach, or other projects or the achievements of both.

love through kiss

8. Keep your own space

To achieve that personal development and that it becomes in admiration on the part of our couple it is necessary to maintain our own space. Today’s woman values ​​being able to function alone and not depend on the male figure.

9. The passion

Although it is believed that passion is masculine territory, women can become as passionate as he or more. Unleash creativity and open up, love that your partner values ​​every step she takes, without judging her.

men and women admires

10. Romance

Months, days and years may pass, but she will be excited whenever he remembers a special date. Let him come home with a bouquet of natural flowers or with a candlelight dinner. Small details that feed the romance.

Have you got any idea of what a woman searches in her man?

Today’s woman knows that reaching the altar is something important, but it is not a goal that is reached for free. In her long walk, before thinking about marriage, she values analyzes and chooses her life partner. The true accomplice of his dream marriage in the countryside. But at the same time with whom he has to celebrate all his victories.

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