Tackle sense of humor fast- step by step illustrative guide

An excellent sense of humor is an invaluable quality that should not be hidden.

Haven’t conquered it, yet!

Here I am going to tell you the best ways of how to make it an asset of your life and how it can help you make a happier and healthier relationship with your partner and loved ones around you.


5 Amazing tips to tackle the power of sense of humor within you!

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Let us understand the sense of humor with a few examples.

#1 I give my pet equal priority for all celebrations at home

humor at home

Here, you are making fun of someone else who is enjoying the fun with you as well.

#2 Tried to be a little girly

dry sense of humor

Making fun of oneself needs a lot of courage!

#3 Can you imagine a book on your bathroom walls!

sense of humor

This way you can make people around you laugh.

Types of humor

To understand a little better that line that distinguishes the funny from the grotesque, it is good to know the types of humor that are there and when – or if – they are appropriate in each situation.

Here are some tips that can guide you in recognizing humor types:

1. Humor according to place and situation

This type of humor is characterized by using what is happening around you and looking for jokes about the situation.

Logically, it requires a lot of common sense. If what you observe is a traffic accident with injured people, you better avoid saying things like “look, a scene from The Walking Dead”, because the girl could be offended by your lack of sensitivity.

2. Derogatory humor

Some kids think it’s fun to make fun of the weakest friend in the group and it can be customary for everyone to turn to him as a source of jokes.

But these attitudes are immature and can make you look bad in front of the woman you like.

3. Self-destructive humor

sense of humor

Try making fun of yourself! This has nothing to do with low self-esteem, it is just a conquest strategy that women love to hear, because it is about finding and recognizing your flaws but assuming them in a fun way.

One of my friends whenever I wanted to flirt with a stranger, approached and asked the time, then told him anything nice about his eyes or way of dressing.

And finally, I told him that God was sometimes quite unequal in the way of distributing beauty, that for example, he had made it so ugly, that he had all the mirrors of his house covered so as not to be scared.

Honestly, this seemed illogical to me, but I always managed to make the woman who told her to laugh. In addition, Hasa ended up receiving compliments because they all found it tender.

4. Humor with silly arguments

If in the middle of a pleasant conversation you try to oppose her, she will try to maintain her position and defend her opinions.

It’s time to tell her that you just did it to see her angry because that’s how she looks more beautiful. She will surely laugh and blush flattered!

5. Conversational humor

This technique works as long as the topic is trivial and not very important to her. You just have to let her talk about any subject and become the one who doesn’t understand it or doesn’t listen. Ask her to explain the same thing to you several times, until she gets tired a little.

And then it reveals that you already understood everything and you were just doing the tondo. Surely she will laugh at your occurrence and, in addition, she will feel relieved because you are not as dumb as you tried to appear.

6. Seductive humor

sense of humor

When two people flirt and seduce each other, it is natural that the smiles between them arise. If you are in a romantic or seductive context, take advantage of the intimacy and make a comment uplifted. Surely she will enjoy and laugh in the middle of that environment.

If you have not yet reached that level, but would like to achieve it, you can resort to sexual advances as a form of humor.

But in this case, you must handle whatever you say with tweezers, so as not to look like a stalker. If you are subtle and use “innocent” words to refer to sex, but you can make her blush with your comments, it is because you are on the right track.

7. Black humor

This is a rather peculiar sense of humor, which can be offensive or not pleasant for many people.

It usually has offensive nuances or touch-sensitive topics for many, that’s why we recommend avoiding it before the ladies, especially if you’re barely knowing it. You could look like a scumbag!

8. Humor of anecdotes

You will feel confident if you break the ice with any of your personal stories, of those in which at first you looked like the hero, but in the end, it ends up happening so many unexpected things that end up being a great joke.

Remember that telling stories is one of the oldest ways to entertain. With a good anecdote, told in an interesting and funny way, you will make her laugh and grab your attention for a long time.

Now, I ask you

Do you have a good sense of humor? Judge yourself

There are nice people by nature, they are people who know how to take a smile from others in the most delicate moments.

Others, on the other hand, see everything as black, sad, boring.

A good sense of humor means that it allows us to live better and develop a healthy relationship with our partner and also helps us interact more and better with others.

Many of the happy couples say to nurture the habit of a good sense of humor as a relationship advice if you have not got it as a blessing.

Is this advice really important?

What if you do not have a good sense of humor?

People flee from the bitter and troubled people and look for people who can offer more joy and hope.

Having a good sense of humor means not being funny or making fun of others to provoke laughter.

The sense of humor is to spark the things that happen to you, the things that happen in your life.

How is a person without humor?

He is serious, excessively responsible. Nothing is taken as a joke, everything is subject to maximum tension and concentration, failures are excluded even in the smallest details.

They are perfectionists and the people around them can’t stand it.


Because they can’t maintain that level of perfection they ask for.

What does a good sense of humor mean?

It is the ability of a person to dramatize and relax life situations by emphasizing what is contradictory, surprising, ridiculous and paradoxical.

To achieve this it is necessary to have the will to discover the keys to humor: what makes us laugh, the unexpected, the illogical.

It’s not being funny (although it helps). It is equivalent to being flexible and also willing to help the environment where we are, work, family, etc. free from stiffness and tensions.

What can we do to develop our sense of humor?

– Be emotionally well.

– Create relaxing moments.

– Do not complain frequently.

– Learn to laugh at yourself.

– Try to find the humorous side of things that happen to you.

– Change your attitude towards things that cause you stress or stress.

– It helps to relax the environment not to complicate it.

– Smile more.

Having a good sense of humor means you have to avoid the following.

– Be rude.

– Be very rigid in personal relationships.

– Have a sad and mysterious appearance.

– Be distant from the people around you.

– Complain frequently.

A woman with a sense of humor will make her partner laugh and always keep a smile on his face, he falls in love. The sense of humor is one of the most important keys to a successful relationship.

Why is humor a good quality?

– The person with humor is accepted by those around him.

– Having humor facilitates more open and sincere communication.

– People with humor cause less conflict and anger.

– Having a sense of humor helps to maintain a better inner balance.

It helps us to resolve conflicts and relieve tensions, without counting on the therapeutic power available to laughter for our organism, especially on the emotional level. 

Laughing with our loved one is an excellent act of complicity and a great indicator of the couple’s health.

In a study conducted by the American psychologist Rittman Eric Bressler, entitled “Humor and courtship,” he pointed out that men who are able to make a woman laugh tend to be more attractive.

What your sense of humor says about you?

It is true that there are many types of humor, the sarcastic for example use criticism and acidity to cause a smile that is not always pleasant. 

The sense of humor is a dimension that is usually related to the personality of each. 

Hence we should know how to use it properly, sincerely, without teasing or double meanings and always from a healthy perspective.

Laughter is an expression of happiness and complicity between two people. There is no better therapy than a shared laugh.

How does humor help us in our relationship?

The sense of humor is sometimes an indicator of the couple’s emotional health.

Let’s think about it for a moment: When was the last time you laughed with your partner?

Do you joke often? How is your sense of humor today? Do you use sarcasm or is it a fun and complicit mood? Valuing all these aspects makes us understand the weight of this dimension in our relationships. But let’s see it in more detail:

Relieve conflicts

Conflicts, differences are inevitable in all kinds of relationships. Although the emotional burden is more pronounced among couples. The way we solve these problems will be the key to our stability with the other person, a success where good humor can serve as a balm to relieve tension.

Laughter, open and close humor capable of listening and relativizing harshness, is a perfect way to restore the feeling of security and connection with the other.

It is a skill that we can train. We must use it with respect, without falling for mockery or ridiculing the other. 

Sarcasm is always dangerous and creates distrust. The purpose is above all to weaken the sense of power struggle and alleviate the conflict, where it is not necessary for one of the two to be right or raise their voice more in the discussion.

Laughter, an incidental and improvised comment where there is affection, is undoubtedly a spontaneous resource capable of bringing a new perspective to the situation.

There is always a creative solution to the conflict, where we can express feelings and emotions thanks to the liberating power of the sense of humor.

Use Sense of humor phrases to express emotions, not to cover them up

Sometimes the sense of humor and laughter can act as a mask. A resource by which to hide disappointment or even anger.

We would be talking about sarcastic humor that usually uses the double senses to not really show the reality of what one feels.

These are moments when suddenly laughter or good humor can create confusion in our relationship. Who has never been attacked with irony, or with a laugh that has caused us more harm than good?

We must take it into account. Humor only has an effect when both parties are able to follow the joke. And for this, it is important that we know how to observe and understand the other, always seeking reciprocity.

Humor and laughter should be something pleasant for both of you, something spontaneous that creates distension as well as complicity.

sense of humor couple benefits_840x400

The Humor brings happiness to the couple

A person who not only makes us laugh but also knows how to laugh at himself is a person with good emotional health.

Laughter is therapeutic, relativizes the importance of one’s own or other people’s defects and unites people. Life as a couple gives us stability and sometimes also a sweet familiarity that can make us fall into the routine.

We must know how to notice the clues. It may happen that, without knowing how one day we stop laughing or joking with our partner.

If we make the mistake of falling into the tranquility of the routine in a positive sense, or if we begin to take it all for granted, the illusion and complicity end up being lost. 

A sense of humor is something appreciated by all. But what if your sense of humor is a little different?

Did you ever try to investigate if you have a dry sense of humor?

Did you ever try to crack a joke that seemed funny, just to find dead looks or expressions of wonder?

Do you have intentions to categorize people into those who have fun and those who don’t have fun? Do you always try a slightly skewed or rather cynical approach to life? Then you rank yourself in the list of people having a dry sense of humor.

What is a dry sense of humor?

A dry sense of humor means when you find fun things that others don’t. You say it in a serious tone of voice or without any emotion. You may crack jokes on things that others may not consider as fun material.

Research suggests that people with a better sense of humor are smarter because they see the world in a different light and have a higher IQ. People with a dry sense of humor may seem pessimistic.

Final thoughts!

A person with humor is called a humorist. He is always happy and makes people around him happy too!

So, would you like to one of the humorists out there?

If yes, then I have a list of quotes about humor compiled for you.

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