5 reasons why you should not get married

The person you choose to get married will have a key role in your future happiness. If you are hesitating to take the big step, here are 5 reasons why you should not get married.

Love is the cornerstone of all the happiness and joy of life. 

We all yearn for it and that’s why we value when we have the joy of having it.

As a counterpart, feeling unloved or loved can give us a lot of sadness, depression, anxiety, and irritability.

Therefore, establishing love as the foundation of your marriage will give you a life full of peace and blessings. 

Top 5 reasons why you should not get married to someone

Not to marry someone #1. If you just met

reasons why should not marry

If you know someone and feel butterflies in your stomach, enjoy that beautiful stage but try not to make hasty decisions. 

Almost always, the beginning of a relationship is full of a lot of chemistry but little mental clarity. 

If you marry in that state of adolescent love, you will soon discover that that chemistry that made them inseparable will have disappeared too quickly. 

Only when they begin to know each other, can you see things more clearly and make the right decision.

2. If you feel that you are too young or too old to get married

too young to marry

Depending on the country or region where you live, there will be different concepts and laws about the right age to get married. 

Beyond this, marriage is not reserved only for couples who enter a certain age range. 

If you are waiting for the perfect age to get married, you will miss sharing your life with a wonderful human being that will help you fill your days with joy and happiness. 

Therefore, if you are a responsible adult, you will never be too young or too old to get married.

3. If your relationship is based on the physical

do not for physical attraction

Basing a relationship only on physical attraction brings big stones in the path of your happiness. 

Men can get fat, women have children. The truth is that we all grow old and our bodies change. 

That’s why you should think about it before making the decision to marry: Can you imagine living with the other person if you didn’t have sex with her? Would you still be madly in love with your partner when you spend the day reliving the pain of your arthritis, changing adult diapers and trying not to break your hip? 

Eating healthy and being thin helps maintain a good appearance for a while, but don’t base your whole relationship on those aspects because your marriage won’t survive even the first wrinkles.

Does this answer your question for reasons why you should not get married?

If yes, then BINGO!

Else, let’s move forward. Please let me know in the comment box which of the points got you the answer.

4. You don’t have a career- Is it the right reasons not to get married

The biggest and most influential career you can have is being a husband and father. 

You are the head of your own home. If you decide to wait until you have the perfect job to get married, maybe your wait becomes eternal. 

You may have to learn to deal with a job you hate until you can find something that brings well-being to your life. 

If you worry too much about having the perfect career before you get married, it is very possible that the greatest career of your life will pass by Advertisement.

5. Doubts but, as you are already committed, you go-ahead

doubts-reasons why you should not marry

Choosing the person to marry is one of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life. 

Your happiness and that of others depend on the success in that decision. 

That you have already sent the invitations does not mean that you have to go ahead with the wedding if you are not sure. 

People, instead of judging you harshly, may think: “The good thing is that he realized before taking the big step.” 

Unless you are sure that your decision is the right one, think about it. 

Marry someone who is your confidant, someone you can love in good times and in bad times.

Choosing the right partner is a decision that will have consequences for life. 

Do not marry just by wearing a ring. 

Be wise and cautious in making this decision. 

Seeing the warning signs takes a little time, so make sure you know your future spouse well. 

The chemistry of the first months will disappear but, if you work hard on it, you will learn to fall in love with your partner again and feel that love relationship as if it were the first day.

Marital happiness is something we should always work on. 

True happiness in marriage takes time and it will be much easier to face everyday challenges if you start on the right foot and choose the right person. Surely these two items can help you be sure before making the decision to get married.

So, finally, did you get the reasons why you should not get married?

If no, then you might be still in love.

I have compiled a list of top 300 reasons to make you love your partner more and more every day. Please check and let me know which one of them inspired you.

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