83 Confused Love Quotes [Don’t miss the funny ones]

Did you ask yourself ” What should I do when I’m confused”? If yes, then you reached this place to clarify your confused love feelings.  These awesome collections of quotes which will help you narrate your feelings to your loved one simply by texting confused love quotes!

I know that being confused in any aspect of life is not easy.

It is unpleasant because all human beings need certainty and clarity. 

That is why I have come with a complete list of both articles and quotes to clarify your thoughts and feel safe again! 

So I am going to explain some ideas so that you know what to do if you feel confused and unhappy in these moments of your life and I assure you that it will help you.


Confused about love?

There is good news for you

Do you know that feeling confused about love is a good thing

Because it is the first requirement to create a change in your life. If you never question your decisions, if you fail to realize that something is wrong, then there is no way you can grow as a person.

  • Do not feel guilty for feeling not knowing what to do with your life, you must feel happy! moments of confusion open doors for you to learn new things. Feeling confused allows you to throw away everything that doesn’t work for you, act differently, and get different results. So it is normal for all human beings to feel confused at some point in our lives.

What should I do when I’m confused?

You must be emotionally strong

For this, you must work your emotions. Neither money nor fame can give you the happiness you need, because everything is within you. Everything is in the way you see the world, so you need to see your interior

If you do not have an emotional strength, then your world will collapse with any problem that comes your way, so this is the key to your success.


  • If you have ever tried to be strong, but you feel that you cannot, that your efforts are in vain or you feel that you have been strong for a long time, that you can no longer and find no way out. The advice I give you is to seek help professional, believe me, it’s URGENT! because feeling confused and sad for a long time can hurt you a lot. You need someone to guide you and help you see more clearly.

Now, I would like you to meditate on the following 4 reflections:

# 1 You must be faithful to your purpose.

Follow what you want, but you have to be flexible with your strategy. Try a path but if it doesn’t work change it! Maybe that path doesn’t take you where you want to go, but don’t let that mistake make you abandon your purpose.

# 2 When you escape from a situation you carry the garbage on your shoulders .

Because changing life does not mean changing what is outside, it means changing what is inside. Did you know that 80% of success, of feeling happy, of feeling that you are doing something that gives meaning to your life, is emotional. 

Only 20% comes from the circumstances and the material.

# 3 Remember that no one can live for you.

Many people can tell you what to do but they are not in your shoes. Learn to say no, make sure the path you want to take coordinates with your wishes and purposes.

# 4 Think that life is very short.

The years we have to do what we want are very few. So think when you are old and you have to look back. Are you going to be happy with the decisions you made? 

If you are looking for confused love quotes to share someone or want to share confused quotes about love or share confused love status in your WhatsApp or on your Facebook wall, then you are at the right place. I have compiled a variety of quotes to help you select the best one to share quotes about confused love feelings with our loved ones.

What to say to someone who is confused about love?

The expert indicates that there are three situations that may have dragged us into confusion and doubts about wanting to continue:

  • We stop giving ourselves affection: We no longer show admiration to the other, we do not make him feel wanted, and we do not tell him what our feelings are. “All of these are essential emotional caresses to keep the beat of our relationship alive,” Silvia explains.
  • We stop listening: “The other may have been asking us for attention, affection or help for a long time and we may not have realized it. He feels lonely despite having us by his side, “says Congost, who recommends that ” we should never stop listening to our partner. If we do, our bond begins to slowly disappear. ”
  • We stop building: In every relationship, you always have to be building. “We have to build together, at the same speed and be clear that we are going in the same direction. At some point, one may have to take the helm because the other is going through a complicated process, but it is essential that they never let go, “says the coach, adding that   ” if that happens, in the end the one who was pulling ends getting tired and also releases it. It no longer makes sense and the relationship disappears. ”

15 Amazing Quotes about Confused Love feelings-Confused love

I have compiled a list of love confusion quotes which will help you erase your confusion of feelings

The past is like a butterfly if you touch it too much you can no longer fly.

At times, I sit down trying to figure out how I feel and still I think I am not so sure about it.

I don’t look.I don’t copy. My destiny is my own.

Failing is not trying.

Will not fear the changes of life.

I wish the dawn would cease soon and you would text me good morning love quotes and erase my confusion of feelings.

confused love status

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I am more lists of love confusion quotes for him and confused quotes for her, so keep reading.

Confused love quotes for him

Love is just a word that gives a confusion of feelings.

My love is like the waves …
Sometimes it is so strong that it causes confusion.

Confusion is failing to realize that loving is in no hurry to end.

To exist, to love, to feel, all this together? Confusion for sure!

Forgive me for soiling the real meaning of loving. I am confused, distant, disbelieving, wavering; and a thousand and one definitions to confirm that I didn’t love at the end.

She is a woman, she is a mess. Either you accept, or find another species to love.

Sorry for the confusion, I just haven’t figured out if loving you was a miracle or a curse.

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Not enough!

Want more quotes?

I have a couple of more confused love quotes for her/him.

Keep reading!

Confused love quotes for her

confused love status

You get me confused.
I don’t know if your love is true.
Please share me love quotes to prove yourself.

I don’t know if you really want me.
Or just want to play with me as you did with others,
but besides that, I can’t help but say that I love you.

Love is a simple thing and at the same time very confusing, time is in love, time is no more.

Love is confused, we start to like who we least expect.

There is only reciprocal love between a man and a woman, what is more, is collective confusion.

9 heart-touching Hurt and confused quotes

To offer friendship to those who want love is to give bread to those who are dying of thirst.

The feeling of not being loved is the greatest poverty.

I was ready to turn the page, but it’s the page that doesn’t want to turn.

I miss your smile … but I miss mine even more.

We are never as badly protected from suffering as when we love.

What upsets me is not that you lied to me, it is that from now on, I will no longer be able to believe you.

Love does not hurt; It is the person who does not know how to love you who hurts you.

There is nothing more beautiful than a person with a broken heart but still believing in the beauty of love.

When you look at me, you will see the one you were with, you will regret the one you lost and you will realize the value of what you will never have again.

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Confused Quotes about relationships

A confusion of feelings called: I don’t know”

confused love status for relationship

“Difficult and confusing roads between lovers lead to beautiful destinations”

“If you clearly and without confusion plant a seed of friendship, you will pick up a bouquet of happiness”

“There is something in common about love and luck, they arrive when they are not called. They install us in confusion and vanish like fog when we try to retain them”

“Confusion is an often too subtle sign of paranoia”

“Love is merely a combination between falling in love and confusion”

“The biggest confusion lies in sex. It is a game that creates the illusion of love to combat idleness and boredom ”

“Our best moments are more likely to occur when we feel deeply uncomfortable, confused or dissatisfied “

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary and confusing so that the necessary can speak”

“Love and love, two feelings that can be confused when conquering”

“Mixed feelings, like mixed drinks, are a confusion for the soul”

“Love has taken me through a confusing maze that I can’t get out of, falling in love complicates everything”

“Even if the confusion is very big, the decisions are yours, give your love to those who really deserve it and you will be happy”

“I only spent ten minutes with the love of his life, and thousands of hours confused thinking about him”

“The balance between confusion and excess order is difficult”

“We all get a moment of confusion in life in which the control that keeps us sane slips from our hands, and sometimes the best way to fight is with more confusion”

Quotes about confusion in decision

“If your love is torn between two people at the same time, choose the second one because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen in love with the second one”

“If you don’t decide in your life, the others will decide for you. Life is full of decisions ”

“A lot of unhappiness has reached the world because of confusion, confusion and what is not said”

“To live is to deviate incessantly. In such a way we deviate, that confusion prevents us from knowing what we are deviating from ”

“Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity”

“A perfection of means and confusion of objectives seems to be our main problem”

“When fear is not confronted, it remains on the prowl, in everyday confusion, ready to reappear with violence and making escape impossible”

“In times of chaos, people tend to follow men with plans”

“Driven by our confusion, we are able to get out of our route and start looking for different paths or true answers.”

“Most fears and confusion are generated by our feelings”

“There is no similar confusion, to the confusion of a simple mind”

“When the objective seems difficult and confusing, do not change your objective; looking for a new way to reach it”



There are many people who don’t spend a good day at work, university or day for any reason in life – that’s why they always look for something to be happy with and light it up. Posting a confused love status with some sense of humor would definitely help you come closer to your loved one.

What better way to achieve this than through funny images with funny phrases, even if it sounds a bit insane, a simple phrase can help improve the day someone was going wrong.


They can be used anytime as long as the image or video is fun and fun, all of which get the best response from every person you follow. 

The best thing about each of these phrases is that you can do it for yourself and show your creativity to make others laugh.

I have a list of Funny quotes to help you remove your confusion.


The best things in life are disconnected.

It’s hard to do anything, you never know when you’ll end .

There is nothing better than a friend, unless you are a chocolate friend .

I’m not lazy, I’m on my way to saving energy

To fly in time, throw the clock out the window

I’m so smart that sometimes I don’t understand a simple word of what I’m saying

Smile and the world will laugh at you, sniff and you will sleep alone .


Sexual inactivity is dangerous, producing horns

You words save you … and hopefully you forget where you are!

I’ve Never Been Alone: ​​I’m always hungry, sleepy, and lazy, … but never alone

Sensitive Situation: Look at the role of Macarena to see if anyone gives pleasure to my body!

I don’t have to diet … According to my WhatsApp, I’m online

A woman does not know what she wants without seeing the offer

I am so hopeful that when I hear the word at night I ask: ‘Are you Christian Gray?’

Dear math, please, solve problems for me. I’m tired of solving these for you

Life is like going to a hairdresser: tell him what you want and he does the thing that comes out of the egg

My blood group is A-positive

Sometimes I feel bad … Then I adjust the chair and I feel good

If your ex says “You can never find someone like me,” tell him this is the idea!

I’m leaving here, everyone’s crazy, oh my unicorn!

I might be an early riser … if it starts in the morning

The world consumes me! But let me spit in the Bahamas

How I want to be ugly 1 minute

It’s saying “Open Easy” and you’ll end up using teeth, nails, scissors, knives, laser swords and grenades.

Confused love status for WhatsApp

confused love quotes

Even if you are far away I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and in every beat of my heart.

My little world is perfect if every day I can be the reason for your smiles.

And I need you every day, even if I don’t tell you, I need you.

I feel that looking into your eyes with a smile for a moment, time stops.

The others do not matter since when we cross our eyes I know that we are only both.

Love confused Whatsapp status

One day, one hour, one minute will always be perfect if you are in them.

I want to tell you every time I see you is, “I love you” but I simply say “hello.”

confused love quotes

It hurts but for some reason I like to be that way because I know it’s the same with you.

I’m just a fool looking for a dream looking for you, tried to look at me like nobody else.

I want to tell you that I would leave everything, I would change everything if I had a chance to be with you.

Final thoughts!

If you don’t what to say to someone who is confused about feelings, share these quotes with them.

I hope this compilation of quotes about Confused Love feelings has helped you to know the need to be loved and portray your feelings to your loved one.

Please do come back and comment if this compilation of quotes about love and confusion has helped you figure out your confused love status.

Do share with your friends who seem to be searching for quotes on confused love life and help them overcome their feelings. As the saying goes “sharing is caring”.

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