How to be a better wife-7 habits to follow [Never miss- 5]

I too had a couple of memorable moments prior to getting married, where I could see and hear only love. Life was so beautiful then, daydreams and night dream only of him.

Probably because I was not told of the challenging situation to be faced later in the marriage relationship.

It is no secret that there arise challenging situations for a couple.

But a strong couple where respect, affection, and understanding are the norms will have no problem getting ahead of any difficult situation.

With the sole intention of helping every individual in search of improving their relationship habits and to continue a healthy relationship with their life partner, I have listed a few habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships to share with you.

What is a healthy relationship like?

In a healthy relationship both partners feel supported and connected by deep ties but at the same time continue to feel as independent beings.

The communication and respect for the limits agreed are two important components of healthy relationships.

Essentially both people decide what is healthy or not. If there is something that does not make you feel good, you should feel free to be able to tell your partner what is troubling you.

Why is it important to build healthy relationship habits and democratic relationships?

It will give you the opportunity to mature as a person and help you with how to be a better wife because it is the best way to enjoy a relationship while reinforcing your autonomy and independence. 

It will allow you to learn to live in freedom, to communicate assertively, to respect your partner’s differences, and to trust her.

Are you a victim of toxic relationships?

Simply when you think about your future and do not imagine it next to that person, it is a great indication that this is really not the right person for you.

You may tell yourself otherwise, you may want things to go as you planned, you need to be happy may fool you and make you think you will be … that will change.

When your partner constantly manifests everything negative about you, such as letting you know that he wants you to change everything.

It means that he doesn’t accept you as you are!

So probably what I would like is for you to be another, this can mean that you are in a toxic relationship.

These relationships become toxic, a couple that does not take you anywhere because they do not make you happy, nor do you make your partner happy.

What do you mean by a toxic relationship?

toxic relationship

In short, a toxic relationship is a relationship where one or both parties suffer, rather than enjoy. 

Both are subjected to emotional wasting in order to convince themselves that they can save that union.

When you try to accommodate the other person, what you do is convince yourself that if you show discomfort about certain aspects that bother you, you will avoid dislike or avoid a new confrontation.

But what happens when we get to self-deception? 

We get physically and emotionally sick because the repression of emotions causes anxiety and stress.

Signs that will help you know if you are in a toxic or wrong relationship:

#1. You are no longer yourself. Somehow it is difficult for you to recognize yourself and to be recognized, you have stopped being yourself, you have stopped doing what you liked before, you have stopped motivating what motivated you.

#2. In your daily routine nest conflict and discussions.

#3. The intimate and sexual life has become unsatisfactory or not very active.

#4. You constantly strive to prove yourself.

#5. You don’t feel dear or near.

#6. You have the constant perception that something does not work.

#7. You are in the company, but you feel alone. You feel emotionally distant, cold.

#8. Or you also feel that you revolve around him or her, that your life focuses only on the relationship and its demands.

#9. The person directly or indirectly disqualifies you, mark the things you do not do well, according to him.

#10. You feel that their way of being, it saddens you, dwarfs you and keeps you from the things you like.


A toxic relationship is just that, a relationship that is contaminating you and is making you change worse.

Your self-esteem is declining, along with your mood.

You are moving away from the things you like.

There are frequent fights with the couple that you get exhausted more and more until you realize that you are trapped in that relationship.

The reasons why we can maintain relationships with toxic couples can be very diverse. 

Almost all of us have experienced situations such as:

Low self-esteem. That sometimes makes us feel that no one else will love us

Fear of loneliness, insecurity

Believing that we are the solution to each other’s problems, their saviors

Emotional dependence (we try to replace emotional deficiencies, we pretend that the other gives us what we ourselves are not able to manage)

Fear of what is to come (losing the comfort or security zone makes it scary to move forward with our lives and open new paths).


But although it is difficult, that there are so many reasons that explain being in relationships of toxic couples, one thing is clear love is not discomfort, or dependence, or fear.

What is love in a relationship?

It is freedom and satisfaction. If you don’t feel that then there is lacking love.

If you really want to love and be loved your heart is the best guide. Bet on yourself, for what you feel, for your intuition.

If you see that you feel trapped or trapped in a relationship in this way and that you cannot leave, resort to the help of a psychologist, by performing an appropriate treatment you can recover and achieve another type of relationship that is enriching for your life.

If you are on a lookout of finding healthy relationship habits to be a better wife by removing negative habits in a relationship, then you are on the right page.

Here are some healthy relationship tips you may consider.

7 relationship habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships

1. How to resolve relationship problems-Communication is the key.

effective communication for healthy relationship

One of the Secrets of how to be a better wife to carry out a happy and healthy relationship among couples is communication.

I always missed this part, assuming that my partner is wise enough to understand my thoughts.

But the mindset of every individual is different and there is a huge difference in the mentality of men and women.

If you have conquered the skill of communicating well, then half of your job is done.

Through good communication, we can empathize with each other, understand their emotions, their vision of the world.

But sometimes communicating with the person we want to is not a simple task

I would like to share some effective communication skills which I have always missed.

Let’s have a look at what they are:

Knowing how to speak is good.

But the first point to take into account in order to communicate better with your partner is to know how to listen.

Show genuine interest in what the other has to say.

It is not enough to hear, you must go further if we want to create a channel effective communication.

Tips on how to communicate better with your husband

1. For good communication in relationships, it is also necessary to know how to express ourselves. This is the best way the other can enter our world and understand what follows us, both positively and negatively.

2. Communication is based on dialogue, if every time you and your partner talk and end up in an argument, something is happening and maybe you have not yet learned to talk.

Always remember, there must be a balance.

Words are also necessary because the other also wants to hear them from time to time.

1. The annoyance cannot be the guide of our actions, that is why good couple communication must also be based on respect. Offensive words, insults, bad gestures and disqualifications are not welcome if something has bothered you, calm down before talking to him or her.

2. Nonverbal communication is also a positive sign and complicity in the couple, a smile, a caress, love will be welcome.

Creating a personal language, with gestures, affectionate nicknames and jokes is a very typical and healthy way to communicate as a couple for a healthy relationship.

These are becoming a completely valid tool to convey emotions and thoughts.

With a cool head, it is easy to see and understand why these keys are vital for couple communication.

The challenge is to take it into account when we feel upset or hurt with our partner. The advice is always the same, give way to calm, clear the mind and then talk, it is healthier for both.

3 tips on boosting good relationship habits-Handling communication conflict.

1. Knowing how to talk about yourself is not knowing how to communicate, it is also about listening and talking.

2. Handle communication with your partner with emotional intelligence, for a healthy relationship. Not everything is a reason for discussion.

3. If your relationship is at the level of communication and is based on constant debate, it is recommended that you visit a specialist to help you communicate better.

2. Support your partner for job success-A healthy relationship advice

I often hear senior executives and presidents of organizations say that one of the keys to job success is having a woman by their side who has supported them along the way. 

Is the reverse also true?

Have you ever expected your men to be your side for building up your career? I did.

The day came when I was going to join life with a man I was always aspiring for.

I was extremely happy. Not happy that I was getting married. But happy for marrying someone who can help shape my career. Someone who can resolve all types of technical difficulties in the computer era of the IT world.

That he will be my side by offering indispensable moral, emotional, and practical support so that I could focus on my professional career.

If you have a family and want to achieve personal and professional success, having the support of your partner is invaluable.

When it comes to fulfilling the responsibilities of daily life, there nothing better than an equal partner in the home.

But the reality is that social mandates in our country continue to affect millions of women. How? 

Putting on them the expectation that they are responsible for carrying out the home even when they have the same interest as their partners in obtaining job success.

How do I get my partner to support my professional ambitions?

How to be a better wife by supporting your partner in job success?

Use your natural empathy to awaken in him an empathic response. To achieve this, keep in mind the social norms that weigh on men. These are some:

Be a man among men. That means participating in typically masculine activities, which sometimes leaves you outside or disproportionately occupying the home. Remember to agree with beneficial exchanges for both.

Avoid everything that is feminine. One of the strongest norms to which men must respond is to give no reason to be labeled “butterflies” or any other appellation that indicates a feminine tendency. 

How to stop being a toxic wife

If what you need is support in household chores or in the care of children (aspects traditionally associated with women) and your environment penalizes men who are involved in these areas, avoid making jokes about this issue.

When you speak in public about the work in which your partner collaborates, do it with admiration, express how romantic and sexy you think it is. How much you love her collaboration.

Be a winner. One of the heaviest social norms that influence men is the expectation that they will be successful. Men have a feeling that they are the head of the family or the one who earns the most money, or the one with the last word.

If you earning more than him, take care to advertise it. The more you support your husband to get what makes him feel like a winner, the more willing he will be to support you.

Appeals to your sense of fair play. Men usually have this principle very developed. Try to make him see that just as for him, his work is a source of great personal satisfaction, it is also for you.

Make him see the injustice that you are expected to sacrifice your job success because you are primarily responsible for family welfare.

If you use your empathy to have these conversations (and don’t accuse him), you will achieve amazing results.

Don’t take your partner’s support for granted. Tell him how much more attractive he becomes the more he supports your goals.

Explain why you need his support. Tell him that since a part of your personal fulfillment is linked to your job success. It is essential that you find a way to give your career the necessary attention. For that, you will need their support. 

Your benefit? The more satisfied you are with your work, the happier you will be at home. In a better mood, more relaxed, better willing.

Establish a fair barter system. You take care of the children (or the house) once a week when he works late on an important project. Make sure he does the same when you participate in a conference.

If you have to attend the boring receptions organized by your company and he supports you when you have to travel a weekend to work.

Invite him to events where you are honored and publicly thank his support. He praises his support in front of people whom he values. That is his friends, his colleagues, your children. Do it authentically so as not to sound condescending.

Thanking for supporting your work success. Do not take it for granted. Connect your support with results. For example: “You don’t know how good it makes me support me in this project.

Because I had the time to focus on this, I have been appointed as supervisor of the team that will implement it and will give me an increase of x ”.

I know that it is not simple to change customs and social norms from day tonight.

But if each of us takes the first step towards cultivating the support of the men of our lives, we will see the rapid progress that will become a positive snowball towards a healthy relationship. Shall we try?

3. Keep a healthy relationship by sharing finance

Giving financial support to your partner in crisis is the key to improve healthy relationship habits with your partner.

Throughout my 4 years of marriage and some reading of the subject, I have learned several things on how to be a better wife when it comes to money management.

They are not the only ones at all. Happiness and agreements have more than one path.

The first thing we should do when thinking about money in marriage is to find out what kind of  financial personality  we are and what kind of  “financial personality ” does your partner have.

This is the best way of getting to know the key point on how to be a better wife in terms of money management.

With financial personality  I mean the kind of attitude we take and with which we feel comfortable in relation to couple money management.

I have listed here a few models of partners mentality in terms of money management in order to lead a healthy relationship with them.

Let’s see which one amongst them best fits that of our partners?

The provider.  In this case, the man assumes himself as the main provider. It does not bother him that his wife works and earns well, it should always be he who assumes the most important expenses of the house. The woman with this personality is the one who agrees that the man is the one who should give the greatest economic contribution.

The 50-50. This is a personality in which the accounts and expenses must be divided equally. Both household expenses and child support as well as superfluous. Many modern couples adopt this personality and system in their homes.

You pay X and I pay Y.  In this case, people previously agree who should take care of what kind of expenses. For example, the man is in charge of all the expenses related to the car and the maintenance of the house and the woman of the expenses of food and entertainment.

The one of mine is mine and yours belongs to both of us. This is the personality where the woman stays and completely disposes of her money for her without realizing the husband, while the husband takes care of absolutely all the expenses. There may be men who take this attitude, but I have not met any.

The one who earns more pays more. Here it is contemplated that the one who earns the most must pay accordingly regardless of their sex, or some other type of household contribution.

The provider-support.  Here it is thought that the man is the largest provider (as in the provider’s PF) but that the woman who works must support things that are in her ability to enter expenses.

You in your house and me in mine.  Many couples choose not even to live together. Although some may not believe it even if they live together, everyone pays their “money” as if they lived in separate places

These are in broad strokes. Because they are important? Because the financial personality speaks of the values ​​and the convictions of each one regarding the couple-money relationship. 

It is a fundamental part of our way of being and what we believe is right. Many problems as a couple begin because without realizing one is 50-50 while the other is totally Provider. 

Knowing what our and our partner’s financial personality is about will help us to know for sure how we want to take our home and imbibe in ourselves the art of carrying healthy relationship habits.

We will better understand the better half thereby leading a happy and healthy relationship.

4. How to be a better partner in a difficult situation.

healthy relationship habits

I actually had a difficult situation after 1.5 years of marriage when my husband’s company had to be closed. No other source of income, rental house, 1-year-old kid and 1 carrying.

Oh God! What next?

He tried his best not to leak out the information to me before my second delivery as it may affect my baby’s and my mental health.

But then we cannot stand a barrier to everyone and it finally reached my ears, the information was not complete then.

Again, my trust over my partner on its abilities didn’t make me take it that seriously as it was.

We all have bad days sometimes, and everyone has a different way of dealing with problems.

Have you ever noticed your partner with a strange countenance(an unusual facial expression). I am sure your answer would be a BIG yes!

But we don’t know how to help.

It may be that our natural reaction is to ask what is wrong with you?

But sometimes the tension that our partner is going through can be so great that it even moves part of their problems to us and responds irritably.

So we will not know what else to say or do.

It is not that we always have to strive to choose the right words, but in hard times, it is better to reflect well on the situation.

Not to act on impulse but to find what our partner needs from us at this time, usually only needs to feel our support.

According to how we approach our partner, it will be the space that we manage to open to communicate.

Although it seems that even we bother him, it would not be good to leave him alone. He may appear otherwise but our support is what he needs.

5 Awesome healthy relationship habits to be a better partner during a problem.

1. Learn to read your partner so you can accompany him during times of crisis.

2. We must respect their way of confronting the situation, we all have different ways of dealing with problems.

3. Let him know that we are for what you need.

4. Work with our own frustration and expectations.

5. At this time is when our patience and tolerance are tested, we must strive.

How to act to be a better wife when your partner needs you?

1. Pay attention to your nonverbal language, your gestures, attitude, silences. Listen to what we are trying to say or communicate.

2. We must be empathetic and try to see things from their perspective, put ourselves in their shoes.

3. Avoid advising unless the couple asks us for advice, instead of imposing and trying to resolve, we must respect and listen.

4. You can share a similar problem that you have been through, lending your experience can help clarify the situation.

5. Have faith in your partner and in your ability to solve their problems.

6. Be a companion in your process, someone who does not press or say what to do.

5. Control your emotions.

I was zero at my emotions but always searched ways on how to be a better wife now I can say I am a heroine at handling emotions!

But how did I conquer that?

Knowing the root cause is very important. In my case, it was my failure to build a career.

Building healthy relationship habits to run your married life smoothly should be your sole intention.

It was my second job which I left before my marriage. I just didn’t know what to do next, was not able to recognize my interest.

I was getting emotional for every small thing, the only reason behind being unsuccessful in choosing a career.

Again after marriage, I left two more jobs. So now it’s 4.

But finally, after 4 years of struggle in choosing a career, I finally got one and that’s how I am writing this for you. This is something I am loving it.

How to control emotions for a healthy relationship and how to be a better wife?

If we focus on how to keep a healthy relationship happy forever, it is not unreasonable to say that Emotional Intelligence will play a leading role in the development of healthy relationship habits which will help you focus on the happiness of the relationship. 

Many ruptures or problems in healthy relationships come as a result of the lack of communication skills and emotional intelligence. Lack of empathy and sincere non-communication can end a relationship between two people. 

Therefore, in these areas, the correct handling of your emotions and those of your partner is also essential.

And although we are of the same species, although we share our lives, men and women can be very different when interpreting reality, controlling emotions.

It is because of this lack of understanding of our differences that communication is often impossible or very inefficient.

Tips to control emotions to better your relationships

Given that each person is a world and cannot be generalized. Various investigations have concluded that most men have a special aversion to disputes while for women it is not a big problem.

Now, while men tend to lock themselves in to protect themselves from women’s complaints.

This is the point where emotional overflow occurs most easily.

Imagine it as a pressure cooker that explodes due to the accumulation of repressed emotions.

In this way, a vicious circle is produced that leads to a heated discussion.

As the man closes the more, the woman becomes more frustrated and irritated.

Generally speaking and making it clear that everything has an exception.

Do you consider controlling emotions can be a boon to healthy relationship habits?

If not yet, then you should.

It seems clear that men and women need different remedies to know how to control emotions in relationships:

Men should try not to enclose themselves and understand that women need to express their complaints and uncomfortable emotions, trying to start a coherent conversation in favor of conflict resolution.

Women should stop personalizing complaints and try to explain their discomfort and feelings caused by their partner’s behavior. Stop believing that if he loves you or knows you, he should know what you want.

And both should:

1. Listen to each other and put yourself in the place of the other.

2. Accept complaints and seek a joint solution, create a consensus.

3. If it is anticipated that an emotional overflow can occur. Calm down before it occurs or try to manage it as soon as possible.

4. Stick to concrete facts and not generalities that only lead to confusion and destructive criticism.

5. Let the other members know that you are able to understand his point of view and accept its possible validity, even if it does not fully match yours.

6. Take your own responsibility or even apologize if you acknowledge that you were wrong.

7. In conclusion, make use of Emotional Intelligence and practice skills such as empathy, self-knowledge and conflict management. It’s a major key to keeping healthy relationship habits keep going.

And above all, accept and respect the other person as he is and focus on the qualities he has and stop wandering for answers on how to be a better wife.

6. Give your partner their own space-A powerful way to let go negative habits in a relationship

Life as a couple is very beautiful, as many activities and interests are shared in common, however, it is essential that each of its members have their space, because if not, they would have nothing to tell. 

Therefore, I will tell you how you can give your partner space to succeed in love. 

Does it sound difficult?

Yes, but it is not impossible, because the reality is that there are many reasons to look less and for the couple’s healthy relationship habits to last longer.

The first thing is that both parties are aware that giving a little air to their relationship will make each one clear of feelings that can cause too much attachment. 

Knowing that everyone in their own space can be happy and enjoy life will make them fuller people, and if so, they will know how to share themselves in the best way.

They seek to reach agreements regarding the moments they plan to share as a couple and plan, for example, if they work they can share the mealtime with friends, or do different activities at the end of the day, so, when the weekend comes, Don’t feel stressed about having to see each other again.

One recommendation is that they have projects in common if, for example, they have planned to fix a garden or paint a wall, see these reasons and set aside some time for recreation

The objective is that they do not see each other “to be seen“, or by commitment, since that, in the end, brings nonsense to the healthy relationship and love begins to go out.

Ideally, resort to small actions to avoid boring your partner and fall into monotony.

Thus, they will give everyone an opportunity to plan their week and carry out their personal activities without interfering with those of the other person. 

You will see that your healthy relationship habits stay on, discussions are reduced and you feel more relaxed.

They can also agree on how many days a week they want to meet, you can be three, or how many nights they want to spend in the company. That is the case of couples who are not married.

But if you are married, it is recommended that, without getting angry, let your husband or wife do activities without you. For example, go out one night with your friends, go to the gym or go jogging.

So you can give your partner space to succeed in love Photo?

life after marriage

In these cases, the issue of infidelity is worrying, right?

However, something fundamental to give space to the other is trust and mutual respect.

Calm down, it’s not that your partner appreciates your friends more.

You simply also need to share with them.

Love is a contract between two to share.

It is true, but we must also assume that people do not belong to us and their individuality must be respected.

You can share beautiful romantic love quotes every morning to your life partner to start off your day. Showing off love is also as important as feeling it if your focus is to develop healthy relationship habits with your partner.

7. Do not compare your partner to others.

If there is something that men do not like is that they compare them with others. And even less if that comparison places them in an awkward position.

It is true that many times we compare our partner with our friend’s boyfriend or husband, and we do it without intentions of hurting our man.

But the fact of “measuring” our partner can cause so much discomfort in the relationship that it can even make everything end.

Warning signs of a toxic relationship

Comparing-Negative habit in a relationship

If you are looking at how to be a better wife then please do not compare them.

1. With your ex:  If you think your ex was better than your current boyfriend, then why are you in this relationship?

If your new partner is fantastic and you feel much better than your ex, then enjoy this present you have. Leave your ex in the past.

2. With your friends ‘boyfriends/husbands’:  If your best friend’s boyfriend is much more courteous than your boyfriend, or calls her more, or earns more money, it is not something that should be a reference for your relationship. 

What you and your partner expect each other is something that should be said and agreed without the need to be putting third parties as an example in a situation. 

If you tell your boyfriend things like why you are not more attentive as my friend’s boyfriend is, you will surely create an opposite reaction to the one you are looking for.

3. With you: Your relationship is not a competition. It is not healthy to be comparing yourself with your partner all the time: who cleans more, who earns more, who works more, who cooks more, etc.

If you are not happy with what your partner does, you should talk about it and establish guidelines in which the two agree. If you think you are superior to your partner, you should not be with her. Find someone with whom you feel the same.

4. With your family:  If your partner comes from a family other than yours, with other values, or customs, it is something that you must accept from the moment you decide to get serious with him. 

You can’t be telling him all the time that your siblings or your parents are better than his, or that your family is much more affectionate or that he helps them more economically. Putting your family in the middle and making hard comparisons can cause you a lot of pain.

Do not compare. Do not do it even if your intentions are to improve a situation or look for a good example to succeed in developing healthy relationship habits with the partner.

Choose the words without looking like you’re comparing, because that can cause a lot of discomfort in the person.

Just think if they do it to you, how would you react. Healthy relationship habits don’t come from within you have to train yourself to pursue it.

Finally, I would say!

Our days are limited in what we call life. Everything can change overnight, one day we are and another day not. You may have told him that you love him a hundred times, no matter, say the same thing another hundred more. Even after the worst fights, if you feel it in your heart, tell it.

If your relationship has the time or if you are just beginning to build and develop your healthy relationship habits to lead a happy life after marriage then put these suggestions given on into practice and you will see how things quickly begin to change.

Enjoy every moment with your partner, because you do not know how many more you can share with him.

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