How to deal with Angry Wife? Don’t miss these 3 questions!

Does your wife gets angry often and spoils your mood. No worries, you are at the right place. Here I am going to give you excellent hacking tips to conquer your angry wife.

Getting angry is part of human nature. Every one of us feels angry at some time or the other. 

But when this anger becomes tempered, it affects the relationship.

In the relationship between husband and wife, it has been seen many times that the mood of one person is more tempered than the other.

How can we maintain harmony with a short-tempered partner?

In order to maintain harmony in the relationship, it is the responsibility of the other partner to treat your angry partner wisely.

This article will give you various reasons why anger arises and tricks to tackle your angry wife, so keep reading.

Do you often ask these questions to yourself?

In this article, I am going to reply to all of these questions.

-Reasons for my wife raging to anger and how to fix it!

Dealing with anger is a challenge, especially when it is becoming a cause of cracks in marital life.

If your wife is angry, it is important that some special things are taken care of so that it will be easy to play with her and there is no bitterness in your relationships.

Try to know what makes her angry

It is very important for husband and wife to know each other’s nature. 

Your wife will not be angry with everything.

Of course, no one is furious.

Look at those things and situations and assess them, which makes your wife angry.

If they are understood and can be saved from such a situation, then your wife can be avoided to face anger.

Keep checking your behavior – You may have some habits and behavior that she dislikes. 

It may not be possible for you to change those habits and behavior all of a sudden, but do not do those things in front of your wife, which causes anger in her.

Admit mistake

Are you a person who feels low to admit mistakes?

Let me tell you, wive’s will love you more and more if you accept your mistake, then what is the harm? 

If you can get more love just by saying a word “sorry”.

In this way, she will also like it and you too will get rid of her anger quickly. 

Whenever there is a mistake, keep your ego on one side. The matter will be handled immediately.

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Listen to her

She is probably getting angry because no one is willing to listen to her. 

Neither the boss in the office nor the children in the house nor you. 

Many people in this world live in depression due to the fact that there is no one to listen to them. 

When he is angry, understand his condition and mental state and listen to him.

Give time to calm down

When you feel that your wife is feeling angry, instead of reacting or trying to silence her, give her time to calm down.

Talking in the middle or calling it bad will only increase the talk. 

You might not listen to her, so she feels angry. 

Whatever she wants to say, if you give her the opportunity to say it, listen to her words carefully, give importance to her opinion, then she may not have to resort to anger. 

Give her space, so that she can realize his mistakes and maybe, she can come and ask you to say sorry.

Psychologist Smita Shah believes that a person who feels very angry or who gets very angry, gets calm as soon as possible. 

So if your wife’s mercury has become hot on something, then give her time to calm down. 

Although it is difficult to do this, try to keep a smile on your face at that time. Then see how your wife will calm down! Maybe she feels embarrassed too.

Be patient

To keep up with your angry wife, you have to be patient. 

You will also be surprised at times that why your wife felt angry at such a small thing or why she is reacting in this way. 

But in such a situation, to stop or interrupt her would mean to increase her anger. 

It would be better not to lose your patience. 

If possible, move away from it or go to another room. At least your tolerance will not leave you with this.

Go out of the house

If she is very angry, then it would be good that you go out of the house.

By the time you return, it will be quiet. 

But if she is feeling angry at someone else, both of you should go on the walk. This will help both him and you to relax. 

Generally, your wife likes the fact that her husband is supporting her. 

If your wife is wrong on some issue, then do not try to open her eyes or argue during anger, rather wait for the right time. 

If she feels that her husband is supporting her, then she will be very relaxed and her hormones will also be balanced, which will help her to control her anger.

Become emotionally strong

It is very important for you to keep your angry wife in control and keep up with her. 

It is necessary for you to be emotionally strong. 

If you are able to do this, then you can make him realize that his anger is nothing but energy. But if she is able to make you angry too, then it simply means that she has control over your emotions.
According to psychologist Abha Yadav, “It would be better to keep your mouth shut and smile continuously instead of advising him to control emotions. 

At first, your smile may make her feel more angry, as she may feel that you are mocking her or not taking her seriously, but slowly this is what compelled her to control her anger.

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– Ways to make your angry wife happy

Some people think that in a matter of intimate relationships there should be no borders or limits. 

For example, in some publications advising on how to improve marital relationships, in order to handle your wife when she gets into violence, only topics such as sex toys, sex services, positions, lingerie, etc. are addressed. 

Usually, these pages focus only on the mere physical aspect of the intimate relationship, which often implicitly manages that one or their partner must have a perfect body, or that new possibilities of pleasure must be continually experienced. 

To this I reply with a quote from Anaïs Nin: “Insane pleasures take away the taste of the healthy.” If you allow me to share some tips to improve intimate relationships with your wife, they would be these:

#1 Handle your wife with Caress

We all love our wife and we caress her tenderly. 

But you have to be careful not only to pat him on the back, as she would feel the caress of the grandmother. 

There must be an intention in the caress, for a reason, the erogenous zones of the woman cover almost the entire body. 

Studies show that oxytocin, known as “the love hormone,” is released primarily by touch. 

At this moment I am not talking only about your wife: hugging, caressing, kissing: physical contact is the basis of attachment, attraction, love between mammals: wife, children, parents … go: even with our pet. 

In fact, some scientists try to find the fidelity pill. To a large extent, this is found in the caresses we give to, and receive from, our partner. 

The couple that caresses each other with tenderness develops fidelity for each other.

#2 Admire your wife- She would love that!

Eroticism is in the mind, not in the body. Feel privileged to have the unique honor of pleasing your wife.

#3 Express your wishes and listen to yours

It is essential that you learn to communicate with your wife regarding what you want or desire, as well as what you do not want in your sexual relationships. 

If there is no communication in relationships at that point, if modesty or fear of rejection outweighs the desire for satisfaction, the result will be a GREAT frustration

It is vital that if one of you sees intimacy as something forbidden, bad, dirty, remove these concepts from your mind, or that relationship will eventually disappear. 

Now, three rules regarding that type of communication: 

Have it at the right time

Do not make those suggestions when they are already in bed. It is not worth that in the middle of the chase someone says, “There is something I would like you to change.” It is a type of talk that requires preparation of the ground – when both are in a good mood – and also play the subject carefully. 

Don’t criticize the way your partner makes love.

 I know some cases in which a bad criticism or mockery of a wife caused such shame on the husband that, for a long time, he could not have an erection. 

Few hits can be as hard on self-esteem as those who are headed in this direction, so be very careful with words.

Accept a “no” as a commandment

If your wife considers any desire of yours humiliating, unworthy or sinful, dialogue with a sincere desire to understand. If your partner still feels uncomfortable, delete it from your desires.

 Never press or force your partner to do something she does not want to do.

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#4 Take care of your physical appearance

Try not only to stay in shape by exercising as much as you can, even, along with her, but also the way you dress: if you are always in a shirt and pants, if you smell dirty, or are scruffy, it is very difficult for your partner to feel attraction for you.

Seek at all times to be a visual attraction for your partner.

 No, not for other women: for your partner. Alright!

#5 Discipline yourself-They love it

Undisputed fact: love has a volitional aspect. 

It is not a matter of “wanting” to have intimate relationships, but of the initiative, of fostering it, of seeking to generate pleasure in the wife, for the sake of her, of oneself, of the relationship.

#6 Be spontaneous

Our brain is “lazy.” 

He loves to create routines to avoid effort, and that leads to monotony. 

Don’t start the autopilot in your house with your children, in your relationship with your wife, under the covers. 

Be creative even in the smallest things. Surprise your wife with little details. 

Do not be bored: always look for that good, clean, fun and creative sex, born of love and generates even more love.

#7 Be romantic with your wife

Do you remember your first date with her? The most beautiful thing of that occasion – I imagine – was the feeling of expectation. 

The nervousness that you didn’t know what was going to happen next, the discovery. 

Take some time to renew that: go for a walk in a park, to have ice cream, to dance together, to be both together, alone, without children.

#8 A GREAT relationship takes GREAT time

Spend time with your wife, not just the last minutes of the day, when both are already tired.

Reserve time for intimacy and love as an essential aspect of your agenda, regardless of the accelerated life we ​​lead. 

I’m not talking about “every Friday at that time, we have to have a romantic moment”: we are not programmable machines. 

But both plan outings, which can be simple, with the focus of spending time with our wife, which is vital for our relationship to stay healthy.

I have for myself that unbridled sexuality, without limits, in constant search for new horizons, usually leads to boredom, perversion or emptiness. 

On the other hand, a marital relationship that is a constant sign of love and whose objective is not self-satisfaction, but to make our partner happy, is something that ennobles us as human beings, strengthens marriage and makes life a delight. constant. And you, do you agree with me?How to react with your wife when she yells at you

Yelling is a change in the tone of the voice that can expose your emotions and state of mind, and although many times it is also a matter of idiosyncrasy; you should not allow anyone to harm you with shouting and swearing.

Today I want to share with you a conflict management technique with your partner. 

And it is that, when we get angry with the couple one of the two tends to scream, preventing the dialogue from happening fluidly and blocking any peaceful way out of the conflict.

There are four ways to react or steps. 

So if the first step does not work we go to the second and if the second step does not work we go to the third and if already, the third step does not work then we go to the “fourth”, to the fourth step.

Suppose you arrive home late at around 9 or 10 at night and you did not warn your partner and your partner complains to you with a loud voice (screams)

The way we should react is as follows:

Step 1. Seriously, but lovingly, we say to the couple: Love, sweetness, sweetheart, are you aware that you are screaming at me? And, in most cases, the couple does not realize that he is raising his voice, so that 80% of couples at that time stop screaming, only 20% remain in their role.

2nd Step. Seriously again, but without honey we tell our partner called her by her first name, as it is written in her birth certificate: Fulanit @ I am going to ask you to please don’t yell at me because I I’m not yelling at you, I’m asking you please yes. It is very important that you put the “Why”. 

Behavioral studies have shown that when you ask for something and end with the phrase “why,” people are more receptive to doing what is asked of them. And of that 20% who screamed, at that moment 10% stop screaming and only 10% continue in their role.

3rd Step. Again by his first name as it is written on his birth certificate, aaa but on this occasion, we also raise the index finger and in a very serious way we say: I will demand that you do not yell at me because I do not I’m yelling at you. 

And I promise you that that 10% who shouted stop screaming and there is only 1% of couples who keep shouting, but it is already very bad luck not to have paid attention to your parents when they told you: do not marry, that couple you chose does not suit you. 

But hey … for all those who chose poorly and married that 1% there goes the fourth step.

Step 4. Do not be angry. 

You just have to get out of the room, and if it is a one-room house with a bathroom, then go to the bathroom but do not be angry you will not solve anything, and thus you give your partner time to calm down.

I hope these four steps are useful in your life and please share them with other people, because remember, only by sharing we learn more.

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